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Useless S20

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What you expect to get VS what you actually recieve is a total disaster. 

A good camera? Well yes if you can get it to focus. 30 times zoom. Wow its like taking a picture with the original Samsung colour phones from the year 2000. What is the point. The phone heats up that much on this function you won't be able to hold it.  Want to take some close ups? No macro again. So try Food setting but even this has its limits. Most shots end up blurry. They look perfect on the screen then you press the camera button and bam a ***** photo.

Next thing is when the phone is in rest mode. I miss the LED light flashing to let me know I have a message, or what's app, snap chat etc. Instead I had to download an app which lights up around the camera lense to have the same functions as previous phones. Upgrade? Yeah right. Hold on a minute you can have a flash around the screen I hear you say. Wow its so bright and lasts about 2 seconds. Useless. On mine while browsing the Internet it crashes and the screen freezes. I have put it into safe mode and tried to see if any apps are causing this but nothing.  Its still the same after 2 months. Sometimes happens when writing messages. Let's hope I'm never in an emergency as the phone may not allow me to be saved.

For all the years I have owned a phone which includes a large amount of Samsung I have never managed to call 999 emergency services while the phone was in my pocket. Yet with this one I somehow managed to phone them without touching any buttons. Everytime I take the phone out its pressed loads of keys as it's lit up with loads of stars. 

Turn the sensitivity down I hear you say, well if I did that then my thumb print wouldn't let me get into the phone. Another useless feature I've register's 4 different sets of finger prints and only 40% of the time will any of them work then comes up 5 attempts have been made wait so many seconds and all that rubbish. The face unlock isn't too bad.

The Samsung keyboard is still rubbish and I use swift key. Samsung keyboard seems to make up non existent words and then saves them so that when you write a message you sound like a five year old. 

With all the issues I have with this phone I did try to send it back within a few days but due to covid by the time I actually got in touch with the phone company and how they wanted the phone to be with all original coverings etc it was too late.  I have also considered selling or swapping with money my way to go back to the S9. Don't know why I haven't yet. This is the worse Samsung I have ever owned. And I've had at least 10 other Samsung in my life time. Poor job Samsung. Putting me off buying in the future. Good lick to anyone who buys one. My recommendation is wait until the S21 or S22 as they will have fixed all issues by then. 

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🤣🤣 I couldn't have said it better myself the so called s10 premium phone was the same, awful camera that looks like the tv show faulty towers which was made in 1976 or so, look at my profile, I can't even zoom in at all my videos are so awful, ***** low light photos so I turn on night mode and its a blurry messy, underpowered exynos chip that gets very hot, finger print sensor is so so, worked great after a few changes now back to square one, front camera is awful, my partners s6 is superior in every way including the signal which ive seen others complain about, it cant get great call signal, Samsung must have paid for fake reviews because they were advertised with great low light cameras and they are far from it, I got stuck in contract too when I should have given it back but I foolishly believed updates would fix it when in fact why would they let a phone out with such an awful camera? my theory is because it was always going to stay like that it cant be fixed which it hasn't and the s20 was the same, my s6, s7, s8, s9 were not like this, I wont be buying samsung again, even their tvs now, If they didn't fix from the s10 to s20 I don't have much faith in the s21 or what ever they call it, check out my posts
I'm due for an 'upgrade' in a month, thanks for the heads-up, I'll stick with my Note 9, it's never let me down. Samsung seem to be losing their way now, all style over substance it seems.
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@Charliehmi look at my post awful quality s10 photos then Google bad s20 and it will soon bring a search of how bad they can be

I agree to this - switched to S20 a it is really disaster 😞 Very dissapointed.

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@5a1da shame on samsung and they don't comment back either on here
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