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Synchronisation between Samsung Gallery with OneDrive does not work consistently


I have connected my Samsung account with my OneDrive account and turned Gallery sync on, unfortunately it is not synchronising consistently, meaning that only some photos are copied to OneDrive. If I force a synchronisation, by tapping "Sync now", all photos are still not copied.


Anyone else experience this? If yes, do have any solutions to get it to work consistently?


It turns out, that the integration between Samsung Gallery and OneDrive solely works for on-device storage folders.


So now I have severed the connection again, as that is a definite deal breaker. Really sad to lose functionality, when I expected a superior experience, compared to the current.


Hopefully the integration will improve in the future and include SD-card folders as well.


I found the same issue and I have submitted a question to the Samsung team on this. You have to disconnect your Samsung cloud account and then setup camera upload in OneDrive again manually.


@LionelSchotter wrote:

.......... You have to disconnect your Samsung cloud account and then setup camera upload in OneDrive again manually.....


Can you provide a Step-by-step of the above please Lionel?

I keep getting to a two step verificstion request from Samsung, when I choose the OneDrive option?

Or is this supposed to happen?





1. Open settings on your device

2. Go to Accounts and Backup

3. Go to Samsung Cloud

4. There should be a setting there that refers to connected apps/services/accounts

5. Select OneDrive and then select disconnect

6. That should then remove the integration with OneDrive

7. You then have to open OneDrive and go to settings and enable camera upload


Further information from the Microsoft and Samsung Cloud  sites here 


This does not work

but you can disconnect Samsung from OneDrive from the link in this article here


I agree this is one of the most stupid ideas ever

At least they have to notify prior integration


In all cases, you can disconnect the Samsung from OneDrive using the link in this article


I am having the same issues. Bought a new A71 and had to transfer all my cloud items to one drive. I am unable to sync gallery now with one drive. Sometimes it works but it's intermittent. Please can you help. 


yeh its annoying, samsung cloud was more seemless, it only did internal memory too, but it was a lot easier to get everything synced.


however on BOTH its HARD to find your imagesor anything without usign gallery, pressing and holding a photo and then seeing what has a cloud symbol and not a phone symbol.


i use onedrive as a backup for my computer (excluding programmes/apps/games and sensitive documents) -but i would prefer it if the photos save into a folder you can access them anywhere, but one major issue with onedrive. i tested it, and restored a few old ones, they restore with the date you restore them, NOT the date the orginal photo was taken.. so it makes a HUGE mess with the order of the photos, that was a deal breaker for me.. i'll go back to hard work old fashioned way of copying and pasting them every week or so.... 

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