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Synchronisation between Samsung Gallery with OneDrive does not work consistently


I have connected my Samsung account with my OneDrive account and turned Gallery sync on, unfortunately it is not synchronising consistently, meaning that only some photos are copied to OneDrive. If I force a synchronisation, by tapping "Sync now", all photos are still not copied.


Anyone else experience this? If yes, do have any solutions to get it to work consistently?

Yes it just doesn't work. Everything is a mess and it won't even sync now keep getting unable to sync after it times itself out. The one drive app can't even be deleted as it come preinstalled. I've just decided to use Google photos for now which works fine. Cloud being replaced by one drive was the worst thing Samsung did! Huge dissapointment that all my cloud items have been ruined

Yes, same happened to me (even with photos on the internal storage) and it gets worse! Samsung Gallery messed up my OneDrive sync. Previously, any picture or video recorded were uploaded automatically. Now they have stopped syncing, and if I want to sync anything, I have to move to an album and then it MIGHT eventually sync. I hate samsung, I never am going to buy a samsung device again, no TV's no Smartphones, anything! samsung developers are outragiously incompetent !!!  Galaxy S10 Plus will be my last Samsung smartphone.  They make your life so worse! they block everything, even call recorders through their smartphone software/firmware updates. I used to like the brand, but now I became an #ihatesamsung supporter!

Thanks for this! I only just noticed my photos weren't being backed up. On my S20 Ultra I had to navigate around the settings to find the Connected Services section but eventually found it and disconnected my Microsoft account and then enabled via photo backups via the OneDrive app instead.

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I am having the exactly same error. I already have gave up on using this service and now I'm looking for another cloud service that I can use without errors or problems

Thank you Lionel your instructions  saved me.  As I was setting up my new Note one of the first "nag" screens you get once you have logged into onedrive is to set this up, so I did thinking it would be as reliable... boy was I wrong.  I don't have an SD card but it was still flaky on internal storage.  It's just typical that once Microsoft gets involved a whole slew of new issues develop.  Now I have turned this off my camera upload is again 100% reliable.  Thank you again.

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Been fighting with this since the move to the one-drive, trying to work out why things would not "sync"..   Finally found a screen that says "Gallery items on your SD card can't be synced with OneDrive. Move these items to internal storage to sync them" 

What a joke.......................... 


Please verify the solution provided in this thread. Worked for me 👍

Solved: Re: OneDrive No Longer Synching from SD Card to OneDrive Camera Roll Folder On S20 Ultra - S...

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