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since the note 20 got released the s20 updates are poor

So since the note 20 came out samsung seem to think the s20 users don't need the latest updates, it always updated in the first week of each month to the latest security patch now its like they say f***k them now, I have 6 samsungs in my household my boys have crappy A versions and they even have the September update on them, come on samsung pull your finger out and give the s20 users the September update its past half way through the month now
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yep the s10 has it as well, they're awful lately you'd imagine the s20 would be before it!
they released the s20 too quickly and skipped their crappy odd numbered versions, so most people still probably couldn't upgrade to the s20 and are still using the s10, but yeah its a joke pay for the latest devices then get pushed last for updates, I hate apple with a passion but least they know how to push updates through
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