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Sim card does not fit the tray


My nano-sim card doesn't fit properly into the sim1 slot on the tray - the manual states to gently press the sim into the tray to secure it.  Mine doesn't 'click' into the slot, so (thinking it must be the sim) I requested a new sim from my mobile provider, which arrived this morning and that one doesn't click into place either.  It falls out if I pick up the tray and turn it over, so it is not secure in the tray.


A bit of experimentation has revealed that the sim will click securely into place on the sim2 slot, but that means I can't have an sd card installed.


Can anyone help please?  I'm otherwise impressed with this fabulous mobile.


JL weren't a great deal of help.  They can't source a new sim tray for me.  Could I take it into a store so they can see the issue?  Well, no, because I'm shielding.  


Long story cut short, on JL's advice,  I've ordered another sim tray myself from a reputable online supplier, and also two free sim cards from two other mobile providers and I'm going to do some experiments to see what fits.  


If this is the solution, my next issue will be how to get the phone out of the clear view case...


New tray did the trick!  SIM card 'clicks' into place and does not fall out any more.  


I then tried two other SIM cards in the old tray and both of them fell out as soon as I picked the tray up. 


Seems to me I bought a beautiful shiny mobile with a tiny fault in a piece of plastic.  Fortunately, it only cost £4.80 to replace the tray.


Dave-S20U, thanks again for your replies :smiling-face: 

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Ah great pleased to hear you got it sorted! I just assumed it was by design! Ah well, once my SIM is in it stays in, so no worries this end :smiling-face: 

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