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I am at present awaiting the arrival of my new phone which I used the trade in option. Am getting worried if they can't be trusted. How do I recognise Screen Burn as I now intend taking pictures if that is possible. I am new on here and have made 1 other post  how do i find the posts I have made.

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You can see the post you have made on your profile


Get a few solid color pictures or has some great options 


Write in the dialer *#0*# and perform red green and blue tests and look for solid colours

Has anyone developed Screen Burn in their Note 10+ yet? I've a in screen pinkish square within my normal white screen.
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Superuser I

Hi @Ulsterman 


I've had my Samsung Note10 + 5G since launch day and No Screen Burn at all.


If a person does get screen burn then the best next step is a Samsung Experience Store or Samsung Service Centre to have them check it out.


🌈 Stay Safe & Stay Alert.  🌈





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