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Samsung S20 Ultra camera is dreadful!!!

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Has anyone else found the Samsung ultra camera AWFUL? I upgraded my Huawei P20 Pro for the Ultra and couldn't be more disappointed.  The P20 Pro is by far 100 times better than the Ultra camera!! Cant understand how Samsung pride themselves on this camera when all I get is blurry pictures. I only got this phone 2 weeks ago just for the camera and I am already thinking of sending it back!! So hard to get it to focus not matter what setting your in and all images look awful. 

Anyone else find the same thing?
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send it back immediately if you can its awful, look at my s10 photos and video quality in my profile, I should have sent mine back foolishly I didnt, Samsung don't care, google it bad s10 and s20 camera you are not alone

I get great photos from my S20U, update firmware, make sure there's no protective film on the lens


I had the P30 before this and it was garbage compared

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I get great photo from my s10 if it an unbelievably sunny day which doesn't happen much in Ireland, but indoor photos are awful, photos outside on a dull day and videos even on a sunny day if I zoom at all, no update fixes anything I just feel robbed
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