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Samsung S20 plus start up sounds.


Every time i turn on my phone i get a system UI notification it uses my text alert sound. Just got my S20 plus a couple of months ago after upgrading. On all my previous phones you could choose to differentiate the notifications sounds or turn it off altogether. I can't find this option anywhere yet you can turn this off on th S10 and Note 10 but no option on this! Can i turn off the start up sound off? If not, why not? It's getting  to the point where i just want to launch my phone at the wall every time it happens!!

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Spent age's on this but this is what I found.

  1. Turn on phone.
  2. Unlock screen.
  3. Drag down from top.
  4. Select notification settings.
  5. At bottom of screen select see all.
  6. At top right select 3 dots (Show system apps).
  7. Find system UI,  at bottom of screen find phone restarted (greyed out).
  8. Select it shows alert/silent select silent and hey presto silence.

I glad you found it as i couldnt and phone was doing my head in. So now it's silent  

Many thanks


I've been looking for this since I bought the phone - Top stuff

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