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Samsung S20 Lockscreen Lag


I have recently purchased S20+ and after a week I am facing an issue when I unlock the phone. After the screen is turned on the screen freezes for some secs and then it works normally. I have tried resetting the phone and also removed the cache. I tried starting the phone in safe mode and the problem is still there.


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it's fixed with April security patch guys,  good news :smiling-face: 

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Guys Guys Guys!!!!! I just got a software update and the issue has been resolved. Wait for the latest software update it will be resolved.

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join for your question.
i have the same problem with my s20.
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I have the exact same problem!!  i only notice it  after the new update tho! It's so annoying...

I am waiting for the next update. Hope this is resolved.
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Thought I was the only one or it was a hardware issue, glad its not just me !! 

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I have the S20 since a week now, and this problem is highly irritating.

Tried all settings in display and lock screen but it still keeps happening.

This option does test your patience in a way its a good thing :smiling-face:


Would love to hear how it can be fixed.



oh my God I thought I'm the only one :smiling-face: 


guys who ever has samsung members working in his country u need to send this bug to Samsung please .. its really annoying . 

I have the same issue since the last software update. I think it is related to the biometrics. If you got to Settings, search for Optimise battery usage. Choose All from drop down then locate and toggle this, it will fix the problem temporarily.

I tried this however same thing ... its still there

Hi, I have been facing lock screen issue on my S20+ since the last update. Sometimes,the lock screen gets freeze while unlocking the device. This makes fp scanner stop working as well. Please help.

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