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Samsung S20 Lockscreen Lag


I have recently purchased S20+ and after a week I am facing an issue when I unlock the phone. After the screen is turned on the screen freezes for some secs and then it works normally. I have tried resetting the phone and also removed the cache. I tried starting the phone in safe mode and the problem is still there.

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I have the exact same issue, I have to wait a second or two before I can swipe to unlock.

I have sent it in through Samsung Members, dunno if that will speed up the process


Same here 

Lags the first 2 seconds 

We really need an update to fix this

it's fixed with April security patch guys,  good news :smiling-face: 

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Guys Guys Guys!!!!! I just got a software update and the issue has been resolved. Wait for the latest software update it will be resolved.

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i have the latest update on my s20 and it stills lag almost every time.

What is your latest security patch?


Do you mean the latest software update or is this security patch something else?

I attached a pic of my latest update i installed. Im from Germany. Its in the lower part of the picture

Screenshot_20200407-083527_Software update.jpg


The security patch update and the software update will happen at the same time. You will receive another update with the security patch date as 1st April 2020

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I bought an s20+ a month ago (mid june) and it had the same issues. I replaced it at the store where I bought it and guess what? Same problem. I decided to wait to see if it would go away but i didn't. Everything on the phone is up to date... I don't know what to do, I can't be the only one ?


Same thing here with me. Very slow response on the fingerprint scanner and even slower when it comes to face recognition. Running the latest software and security patch! 

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