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Samsung S20 - Front camera zoomed in on Whatsapp, Instagram & Snapchat and very bad quality!!

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I just received my new Samsung s20 only to realise that when trying to take a selfie on the above social media sites the camera is very zoomed in on my face and not great quality, I have searched the net for a resolution but I have had no luck and can see Samsung had previous issues with this in other phone models within the "S" range but is anyone else experiencing the same issue and will this be resolved??


Please help?


Other than this issue the phone is fantastic but this has really put a downer on the phone for me.


Thank you.


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Same issue here and have not found a solution. Samsung pls fix asap.


I have the same problem & find it so silly that there's no way to fix it in settings. Samsung needs to make that an option - I really hate the camera in third party apps.


Thats the fault of those apps, not samsungs fault.


You should contact the developers of those apps

Gonna agree with Panonemous.
It's the applications that don't take as good quality pics and videos as the main camera app does

Same issue here
Instagram is using the "Full" resolution from camera which is way too zoomed comparing to 16:9, we need a way to force front facing camera resolution to 16:9 for 3rd party apps


I wouldn't say its Instagram fault since it happens on EVERY 3rd party app when using front camera.


It seems these apps dont have access to original samsung camera api, so they dont get good quality.


Its also bothering me. I just cannot get sharp image also with rear camera in WhatsApp or so. I have to make photo in samsung camera app and then send it over WhatsApp.  Dirty job. Too much clicking. But this is how it is until samsung makes original camera api for 3rd party apps.

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I got my samsung s20+ yesterday, I love the phone but I'm really disappointed about the front camera when used in 3rd party apps such as instagram... for a person who loves taking selfies and sharing them on social media, I'm really frustrated. I had a samung galaxy s6 edge for the past 6 years and it still works amazingly and had better selfie quality for 3rd party apps compared to the s20+  but it was time for an upgrade. I'll always choose a Samsung over an iPhone and I'm happy with my purchase but for the amount of money that I have paid and the expectations I had about the marketing of the phone based on camera quality, I don't want this glitch to ruin my experience.  Honestly for a phone that targets generation Z, it is frustrating to not verify such things beforehand. Hopefully they'll find a solution soon. 

Same issue. Samsung needs to allow a global default setting for third party apps. I just tried a video call in WhatsApp and had to hold the camera as far out as my arm would let me to get a decent frame. The quality also looks zoomed in and cropped and generally awful.

This is absolutely not any third party application's fault, especially if none of the settings are exposed in Samsung's API. Please fix this, it's awful.

Have to agree, tried fiddling with all settings I could but it always appears to be too zoomed in for social networks (Insta/whatsapp/snapchat). I don't really want to extend my arm all the way or buy a selfie stick to risk dropping this phone haha! An option to have wide-angle selfie set to always on/default zoom level would be a workaround solution but in it's current performance it's not great for selfies or videocalls! What gives?! 


Hoping to hear Samsung are working on a solution to this!


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