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Samsung S20+ Charging question/problem?!!!!



So I have a S20+


When I use the supplied EP-TA800 super fast charger my phone charges in normal mode or super fast only.


The phone in the battery charge settings has a fast charging option also. So like a middle speed before super fast.


If I toggle fast charge on and superfast off the phone charges in normal slow  mode only not fast charge.


If I toggle fast off and superfast on it charges in superfast. Or even of I leave fast charging on and toggle superfast on it charges in superfast.


I actually want to charge my phone in fast charge. Not slow ot superfast. Why is this option not working with the phone?


When I plug in my old S9 Adaptive EP-TA20UBE it does charge my S20+ on fast charge.


My question is surely the supplied S20+ EP-TA800 should support all 3 modes? Not just normal or superfast???


Can someone help Samsung have been a pain and can't clear this up even after 3 weeks.


Can someone with an S20+ try the 3 charge options with theirs on the original charger and see what happens.


I've factory reset the phone and done the full works diagnostics but no fix.


I think its a joke if the older S9 charger will fast charge but the new one only does superfast. When the options are there to turn on and off.


Please help!!!





I have both the 45W charger and 25W charger and it doesnt make a difference. The 45W "super fast charging 2.0" has been disabled. Samsung tell me to take it back to the store, but I know that this is a feature that was disabled in the most recent update. 

I agree its like they are changing the background charging options per charger via updates. I've had another new charger so I 100% believe its the software updates too.

Hi, I have the same problem. I'm pretty sure that the fast charge did work when I got my s20 ultra but doesn't now. My note 9 fast charges when I plug into my charger. My s20 fast charges on any other charger but not mine. I have tried another cable with no effect. I struggle to believe its software when my phone fast charges on any other charger with that capability. My note 9 and sons s9 both fast charges on s20 charger, so baffled completely. 


I know its so bizarre - I even got a new charger and cable sent out from Samsung - Guess what still the same and with COVID cant even go into a Samsung experience store as their online chat and telephone is like a chocolate teapot.

So I am waiting to do that - I will go into store and show them. glad its not just me tho!
Forgot to add I've done, soft, hard and even full factory reset and it don't work!

even factory reset with no back up on so its as fresh as it was out of the box to zero solution.

Even this a booth up cache clean and all sorts they had me do over many hours. So don't waste your time. But if you find a solution let me know!!!


I was told yesterday that the charger that comes with the ultra doesn't support fast charge...... If that's the case, how does it fast charge the wife's note 9 and my sons s9. I'm sure it fast charged when I first got it. My phone fast charges on other chargers which makes me feel its not a software issue. Keep me informed if you get anywhere!! 


S20 series should go super fast charging, no just fast charging.


@StuClar61 @Rtx1   The s20 plus definitely supports fast charging  with the supplied charger, though it is only The S20 Ultra which supports Ultra Fast charging.   Have you tried any resets to see if that solves the issue Range -reset-reboot 




They do and it does that, just doesn't fast charge for some reason. Advice is not to super fast charge all the time so that leaves cable charge which takes ages. 

Hi both, done every reset possible and full factory to no fix.

Please read my original posts to understand what me and Stu are trying to explain.

We either have slow charge 2hr plus to full or super fast. FAST charge does not work with the supplied charger but we both are adamant it did and now it doesn't.

We know the phone does all 3charge modes as we can both get this to happen using other chargers like my old S9 adaptive charger.
I wrote a long long guide which puts it simple..

We just don't get why it doesn't fast charge with the supplied charger when it did and can toggle the option.
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