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Samsung Health.....

New update on the 5 Aug, where's the caffeine tracker and the weight management've done away with it, really frustrating please bring this back for everyone this app is seriously going down hill big time, been using this app for years now worst update ever, sort out Samsung.... Also where it says "About this app" Provide your daily snacks, food, water and caffeine intake...... Well that bit is not exactly true now..... 
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wow I only now realised that the caffeine intake is gone? Did people actually complain about it? I like to keep track of that and because I could simply use my Gear S3 for it was very easy.

I have to agree with OP this app is going downhill a bit. I am already using about 4 different apps for health and fitness, would love to get rid of some in favour of Samsung health.
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its gone they took it away 🤫
oh wow taken all the good things
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@mooboo yep its not right it had good features HAD
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