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Samsung Galaxy Ultra - Critical Issues


Critical issues with Galaxy Ultra!

Hi, I returned my ultra today. The Exynos causes so much thermal throttling that the AF starts jumping around the screen - even when it is on a flat surface and regardless of the amount of zoom applied. This even started happening in 1x.

It's too hot to hold the phone after 10min without a case.

 I'm sad to say the HARDWARE has some serious issues!

I made this investment as I take photography seriously, paired with my drones it would have been ideal. Editing on the go.

Please address this with tech support.
I, like many others in the forum would pay extra for the Snapdragon since my friends in USA don't report the issues I have.
Regrettably I did pay €1400 ... we do feel cheated!

On a good day I got 5 hours screen time, 7 hours pushing it with medium battery saving.

Now to have to slow the phone down for the power hungry Exynos is counter productive.

I really you hope you take my experience seriously.


I think the problem with Samsung is that they gave the better phone to USA because they would sue their ass! 

We are stuck with the FAKE Exynos phones. 


How I wish Samsung would listen and turn the tables. When is it our chance to experience a premium device without having to ship it in from other countries??? 


Love how Samsung continue to pretend this issue isnt a thing. 

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