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Samsung Camera S20 Series!!😎


@ SAMSUNG SMARTPHONE DEVELOPERS!! 😉Think Samsung should go down the Huawei route and use like they do which is a RYYB Super Spectrum Sensor (RED YELLOW YELLOW BLUE) filters  and needs better software processing as I am disappointed with the overall night mode and low light photos. My brother has a Huawei P30 Pro and use  LEICA lenses and a superior sensor. Please could you look into developing this sensor and even LEICA lenses with such a highly cost phone. I do love the Ultra but should be much better in these areas and need better signal strength on 4G.  We ALL want better software processing and need the improvements I've suggested please. If you can do this with software updates then that would be great. Otherwise we want to see these improvements on the next series of phones. Would appreciate it if you could make thus happen as I am a loyal Samsung user. We need a better night mode and darker black sky in night mode. Check out these 2 videos please. Thanks Matt  😊😎😊

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