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S20Ultra Main Camera Blurry

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As far as I know, Samsung S20 Ultra uses its primary camera (108MP wide-angle) when the zoom is between 1x and 4x. After 4x zoom, the 48MP Telephoto camera is being used. Correct me if I'm wrong. 

Now, I found that my photos and video shot with the main camera are very blurry in all situations: the problem persists on all resolutions, on all camera modes (foto, video) and so on.

Moreover, I've found that once exceeding the 4x zoom threshold, the quality of the shooting (whether it's photo or video) improves significantly. That's because the 48MP Telephoto camera is used further on.

I've contacted Samsung Support in that matter and they suggested reinitializing the camera parameters and, ultimately, performing a factory reset. Problem still not solved.

Also, I have another S20 Ultra phone to test and the problem is still present, even though this one is just unboxed and at its first usage. So, this problem is present from the first software version that was installed on S20 Ultra up until the current version that I have. 

My questions are:
- Is this problem "as-intended"? This is how the cameras should act? Because If this is the case, the new S20 Ultra's camera quality is very poor. Benchmarking with the previous S10+ that I had, the camera is much more performant on the S10+ and I am now regretting upgrading to S20 Ultra. 

- Is this a software problem? If that's the case, does Samsung plan to release an update solving this issue? 
- Is this a hardware limitation? If so, is Samsung willing to recall the product and solve this?

I am expecting the second scenario to be valid, otherwise that would be a real shame for Samsung. 


Please see the attached sample video and notice the difference in quality when the 4x zoom threshold is reached and the camera in use is switched. 
Also, I have attached a screen recording showing how the quality also changes in the "Photo" mode.

My old S8 does better recording in low light than my S20+ 5G... front camera recording is worse very blurry since latest update..

Totally disappointed with all these exynos software issues
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my cheap Samsung J4 took a much better photo- I can't believe a $1200 camera can't take a clear picture - the background is always in focus and not the subject - what a piece of ***** - hope they send out an automatic update

is samsung doing anything about the s20 ultra camera problem . Can't believe I spent so much money one a phone just to be sorely disappointed.  Should have stuck with my s10 plus

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Same issues here. Come'on  Can we get this addressed. Google Pixel might be the next upgrade, difficult to even consider the Note20 with this flop.

Camera quality on S10+ > S20 Ultra ?

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