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s20 - Whatsapp Selfie Cam

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Hey guys, 


I'm using the S20, exynos version (entry level). I've been playing around with it and found a big issue with the selfie Camera when it comes to whatsapp. The image ends up really smudged as if taken with a selfie cam from 2010. When i do switch to the normal cam app, everything is fine and the 10mp cam does a decent job. 

Anyone else finding this issue? Also is this more of a software issue?

Advice and knowledge is much appreciated. 

Thank you. 


I have noticed similar issues. The focus capability on the S20+ is terrible! I first noticed in the 64mp on rear view and thought maybe it's designed for bigger sceneries. Then I noticed it through other applications like WhatsApp or Instagram, the same is for the front view.


I swapped the phone thinking I must have a dodgy handset but turns out its just a poor camera both front and back. Very disappointing considering the hype! 


Same ***** with s20 ultra...and WhatsApp 

Any solution.? 

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I would recommend looking a this similar post about third party apps taking pictures.

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