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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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Maybe... Dear Boris....

@Badger1974  Boris is probably in the same boat 



Still nothing heard from Samsung 2 orders incomplete and 2 deposits still on hold at my bank. Lost count of the time spent on the phone. My main concern is the affect on my excellent credit rating.


Tried to order on 12th as everyone else could not sign contract. I hard search, deposit on hold and email to say direct debit set up. 

Phoned Samsung and Klarna promised callbacks nothing. 

Phoned klarna next day and was told case would be escalated. 

Phoned Samsung and was told no record of order and to re order. 

Did this and same outcome could not sign contract. Now 2 deposits on hold. 

Phoned Samsung again and was told there were 2 incomplete orders. The lady said she would escalate the case and get the orders removed, and would get back to me within 48 hours. Nothing since. 

Still only one hard search showing on Credit Karma. 

Will ring Samsung again today. 

I had two incomplete orders, I used Windows Edge and went through straight away. You can download this browser from Play Store or App Store.

Morning:)  now I'm waiting on klarna chat top speak witch somebody but from saturday chat empty cant speak even with automatic robot hehe 

Currently on hold to Klarna. 

Are they aware of the issue (anybody that's already spoken to them). 

How do I make them aware of my issue with no completion or account number?? 

On hold at Klarna. Waited 18 places to be told it's not them you need to speak to because it's a credit account now not a loan account. 

The 0333 number is not the right one. 

0203 005 0833 is who I need to call 😡

@Rees82 Are you getting them to cancel the order

I like many tried on the 12th and couldn't get past the sign agreement, deposit still on hold 1 hard credit search. Direct debit info from Klarna.

Tried the next day exactly the same deposit on hold so that's 2 x £119.05. Hard search done no information other than failed to get through.

3rd time using edge I got order confirmation from Samsung still not convinced. They had better sort this out or I will jump ship!


Christ I'm just getting more and more fed up. 

A lady with terrible English telling me to just sit tight and wait for the money to come back available. It took 10 minutes trying to spell my email address and she knew nothing of this issue?! 

You'd think somebody at Samsung/Klarna would just own this problem and give us a person in the know we can speak to save explaining a hundred times

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