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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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You've gotten further than me, been trying since the event, i get a mixture of either getting the 'choose phone' button at which point nothing happens bar a move to the bottom of the screen or i just get the bottom set of the webpages text and a totally blank page.


Called Samsung and they checked tech support who said the site is 'going through an upgrade' and to try again in a couple of days.......not exactly cracking service. 

Yep same issue as everyone else!

Got all the way through the order after multiple attemps which created a ton of soft searches and a hard search, couldn't sign the agreement managed to click it by messing with the zoom on the page it didn't refresh the page and charged me for the deposit.

Now I have a bunch of credit searches, am £140 lighter (deposit taken) and no order number or any real answer from anyone.

Klarna says they haven't taken anything and have no order on their system when clearly they've taken £140 and sent an email telling me they've setup a direct debit instruction. I call samsung they say they have no order and tell me to ask Klarna who already told me to call samsung, samsung then told me to message the live chat this afternoon which I've now done and they told me to call samsung because the live chat can't help.

Essentially no one has any idea whats going on, I've been charged and both companies are denying any exsistence of it.

This is honestly ridiculous, don't really expect such a difficult process trying to order a £1400 phone from one of the largest tech companies in the world, using their recommended internal upgrade service.

'Going through an update' at a time when they know that their servers will be at its busiest on one of the most anticipated launch days of the year..... smells like bullsh#t to me!


I had a few issues. 


Chrome didn't show the phones when 'Choose Galaxy' was pressed. 


My main issue was that right at the end it came up saying that payment was unsuccessful and if I wished to try a different payment which I did. This also errored. It was only when I checked my emails I'd noticed BOTH actually went through. Cancelled one. All seems fine. 


I'm guessing we are getting the free buds again like last year?

@Brad2607 Hopefully Samsung with match up the Klarna agreement with missing orders. Have you tried downloading the Klarna app from Play Store? When I did that and registered, my purchase and agreement appeared in the App, at least from the Klarna side of things.
Just checked, nothing showing on the Klarna app either, what a mess lol.
Did you get an email from Samsung advising the order was placed? I assume an automatically generated email is sent once Samsung get the confirmation from Klarna. If that's the case, contacting Samsung is a waste of time, they just blame Klarna.

@Xbrucedogx wrote:

Anyone managed  to get through the screens to upgrade to s20?

I put in my agreement number and name choose a phone s20 plus and answer yes to all the questions about my then takes  no account of any value for my old phone wanting me to pay full whack..

No mention of free buds or paying off my current agreement either ..

It seems the upgrade program is now akin to PCP for a car

Phoned customer services last night and they blame the website..been into local samsung centre and they know less than me

Kinda makes you wonder why bother?

You don't get to use your current upgrade phone as part of trade in as you currently have only paid half for it! 

@Xbrucedogx The value for your old S10 will be used to clear off the exisiting credit agreement with Klarna, and then the new agreement starts afresh for your S20.  Hope that explains why you don't actually see a discount for returning the old S10.  Last year, a week or so after sending back my old S9, I got emails to say the old finance agreement had been cleared and closed.

I have decided to buy out my remaining 12 months and trade in my phone and start a fresh with Sky.


Im getting the huawei p30 pro for 20 quid a month im sick of the shoddy samsung treatment!



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