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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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This was part of email received from Klarna "Please be assured that Klarna is currently in discussions with Samsung concerning compensation for our customers.  As soon as the details have been been finalised we will contact you again" 



For all I know those discussions may have started after my conversation/emails with Shannon at Klarna, but I wouldn't be surprised if both or either parties were promising different things to different people. I don't think Samsung or Klarna should be surprised if levels of trust are low.


Even if the technical issue was entirely at Klarna's end, Samsung let all of us down too.


Will be amazed if they actually offer any tangible compensation to people for this disaster.


The only way i'd think about getting the S20 now would be if they dropped the deposit part of the finance for everyone who attempted to pre-order and has been having issues in contact with Samsung \ Klarna and still guaranteed the free ear buds for the the pre-orders.  Can't really see anything like that happening though lol




Good idea that.would make me change my mind.


Seeing as we are yet to get a response, let alone an apology, from anyone but the (broken record alert, wonderful!) forum staff, I can't see it happening either. But I'm sure everyone would be beyond annoyed if certain people were compensated, it HAS to be all of us or none of us.


What would it take to make me happy? I'm easily pleased. An apology and some black buds+ dispatched with the phone to save me from going through the claims process, having to wait and having white buds with a black phone would do the trick. If they wanted to make me extra happy, maybe some Samsung Care thrown into the mix, but I always invest heavily in decent cases so hopefully it would be something that wouldn't cost them anything.


But let's face it, I'd be dreaming if I thought anything like that was actually likely.



I Noticed the posts have slowed down now.
And noticed when I reply instead of quick reply the post goes to the s20 tab post instead of this one? Hmmm.
So what is the latest as no statement has still not been released..
Is this all sorted or still a technical unsorted mess?

I don't think we are going to get any response from anybody senior, really shows their true colours, I will not be upgrading or using their services again, one lost sale is nothing to samsung so nothing will change but I will feel better knowing I'm not gonna get stressed out with what should have been a simple process from start to finish.

I've posted in twitter to klarna and Samsung
Samsung say ring the support shop,which I'm not going out my way doing when I'm asking a legitimate question. And klarna won't talk publicly only through DM.
Just to update everyone.

I personally still cannot order. Within my family we are on three upgrade programmes and none of them work all come back with declined for the upgrade programme.

Surprising since I have been on this since launch. I remember the situation last year where Samsung could not find the loan agreement number when entered. Seems like a common theme with Samsung and there inadequate service to customers who are committing to their products.
I have also had a length discussion with Klarna who are aware of the problem and are "working" on a solution and was told today it "should" be resolved by the end of the week.

Embarrassing of a service for people who have committed to Samsung. I myself may now switch to Google (never iphone)

Are people still experiencing issues?

I just tried placing an order through Klarna for the s20 ultra, after refreshing my browser for the last day for one to appear as in stock.


One come in stock and I pounced on it, went through the process and to my surprise, I got a message to say that Klarna declined the application.  I've never had credit rejected before (my 'score' on experian is 999/999).  It's a horrible feeling seeing a rejection like this. Strangely I got a direct debit confirmation from Klarna.  I don't believe a deposit has been ring-fenced, but will need to double check.


Contacted Klarna, they said Samsung/Klarna have been having integration problems and trying to fix it.  Will pass on query to a specialist team.  Googled and found this thread.


It's not good, especially for a premium product. Definitely makes you think twice about going ahead and staying on such a scheme now with stock and payment issues.

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