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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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I tried to enquire about my balance ( a year left now with my phone) but even with klarna letter heads with my loan agreement on, a specialist team who took over the close brothers contract now deal with the remainiers...
I'm done with klarna with Samsung. Until they part there's no programme I will risk any credit faulting on.
Comical that so many of us are facing issues and that's not the number out there who have not reported the issue or vented their frustration.

After two horrible years of experiencing the upgrade programme I will now NOT be upgrading (maybe its because I can't) but nevertheless I won't be doing it.

I will be moving over to one plus or Google when new phones are annouced.

Samsung you have lost a customer who has used every s series phone since s3 hope your happy.
Didn't see the voucher for 50% off until I'd ordered my case. Though about cancelling the order and re ordering with the voucher but case now out of stock🤬



I've had no further contact from Klarna regarding my declined credit.  They are completely useless.   My wife cannot change her direct debt because their app support do not understand what a UK direct debt is. 

They will lie on why your credit was refused. Don't bother.

@Kjt57 wrote:
Didn't see the voucher for 50% off until I'd ordered my case. Though about cancelling the order and re ordering with the voucher but case now out of stock🤬

Mine was on preorder. Dont get shipped until 9th March. Potential of a £25 saving with that voucher. I'd be cancelling 😃


I see that lots of people are still having issues, either new upgrade customers or current upgrade customers. i paid off the 2nd year  for my S10+ so i dont owe Samsung or Crapna anything. I would of liked the new S20 but i also went through all of the declines and hard serarches, etc prior to me paying off what i owe.


I wont be upgrading and waiting to see what else is on offer from other manufacturers as the year progresses, but i know that i wont be dealing with Samsung again.....£400 off on trade is a good offer but they lost me as a customer along time ago. 

If you keep getting declined its no use trying to sort this with Crapna cause both them and Samsung dont give a flying f**k so do what i did pay off your 2nd year and then do what you like..

Yeah that's what I'm doing

for those on the upgrade holding their breath of getting their s20 ultra on monday or next week - DONT


it seems Sammy is low on stock in UK and has moved to the bottom of the queue those on the upgrade - so new expected date for most now is 30th March


So I've had somesome progression with my declined error.


Dear Sir

Thank you very much for your patience regarding your case.

Please be informed that we have modified the policies so that you can reapply for the credit and purchase the goods successfully. The window to reapply with a guaranteed acceptance is open for you until 12 March 2019, 23:00 GMT, please make sure that you complete the check out flow on Samsung's webpage by this time and you select the same type of payment option that you did initially.

Should you have any further questions, please let us know by answering directly to this email.

In the meantime we apologise again for the inconvenience caused and we wish you a lovely weekend!

Kind regards,

Customer Service Representative

Klarna Bank AB (publ)
Contact information:

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