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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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If I can be guaranteed that I can have one for launch day I'll have one, if not i will not be upgrading from here, you really should be ashamed of yourself Samsung, you really have a sub standard product that is nowhere near ready for public integration, I'm still shocked that no one from samsung has been on here to apologise for this shambles, it isn't just about the phone anymore it's just the lack of senior interest that has angered me.


Another thing for me is that me and my friend both got the S10+ last year, I received mine day of release my friend 2 weeks later in the 2nd batch. My galaxy buds came pretty quick. His however took months as they ran out of stock. I guess we probably will be waiting months also now been the 2nd batch. 


Look like I'm in the same boat, Klarna finally shows as one hard search on my credit report as opposed to 5.


So I applied again yesterday, and can confirm they did not do another hard search. So I now have the 128gb ultra pre ordered but not until the 21st march on the second batch. 


Surely there is something that could be done to get us into the first batch especially as we have been having issues beyond our control and actually pre ordered on the 13th feb?!?!?


@Mannan wrote:
I have been trying to upgrade for days now and my application keeps getting declined!!!! anyone know how to fix! I used this last year and it was fine. what is happening????

Where about is  it failing - how far are you into the process where it fails.


tag   @AntS  who is one of the moderators. They have been  sorting problems with samsung shop and Klarna ( that is if you are upgrading via the samsung upgrade program) 


People have been having some success, including myself, with the microsoft edge browser. I assume you are on the upgrade renewal and therefore using Klarna finance. Note - If you are and its being declined by Klarna , it might be that your previous failed attempts  has impacted on your credit score. Check with Klarna. You can also check your credit record  on credit karma for free - that will give your current credit score and more importantly how many hard searches that have been  carried out by Klarna -- there should only be one


I did get finance but the system crashed  and now just keep getting  this when  I try to order 

Option not available

Unfortunately this option is not available. Please choose a different payment method




This will be my last post on this subject as there are some points I'd like to leave Samsung to think about. Firstly I am one of the unlucky ones who, through nothing more than their enthusiasm for Samsung and it's new flagship phone, became one of the beta testers of their upgrade program software soon after the end of the unboxing ceremony. For me, as for many of you early doors upgraders,  the result was a credit agreement that I couldn't sign. I had selected the phone I wanted, a delivery date of 9th March but just couldn't, get past this last obstacle which was signing the confounded credit agreement. So I tried again. I must have done something wrong first time round surely? Same result, the "I sign this document" switch remains greyed. So I switched from pc to phone, thinking the site must be optimised for mobile use. Same again. Now hang on. What's going on? I try google searching but nothing is showing. Then by chance I stumble on this forum. Finally I see it's not just me, lots of people are having exactly the same problem. Then I see people talking of credit searches and multiple deposits being taken. I hadn't even thought about that so I checked. Sure enough I too now had 3 pending direct debits showing in my bank account,  a total of £360 that has not yet been taken, but is also no longer available to me. I then find 1 hard credit search and 12 more soft searches on my credit report, but no contract or agreement to show for it. There is utter confusion. No one knows what is going on. Samsung are denying there is a problem and point the finger at Klarna bank. Klarna bank do exactly the same in reverse. This can't be happening. This is one of the largest technology companies in the world, they MUST know what's going on.  
After a couple of days there were signs that Samsung and Klarna were at least ackowleging there was a problem, but still no real signs of apology or ownership and plenty of people still reporting the same issues. The primaty frustration was the inability to actually talk directly to anyone about it or even just voice dissatisfaction. This forum seemed to be the only source of light through all this, and eventually the moderators could be seen to be trying to do something for some people. Many of us received private messages, which gave hope that something positive was happening. I personally had also tried the "contact the CEO" email that can be found on the website if you look closely. I wrote a verbose summary of my experience to date, hit send and expected nothing. However to my surprise, on Sunday 16th (5 days after placing these orders) i was called by Samsung (03330000333) . Finally it seemed somebody was listening. I was told that my details had been taken and that I would be called back in a day or so with next steps.  This was around the same time that the admins on here began PMing us and taking details. It REALLY seemed that things were happening.

For me. That was pretty much it. I had been told Klarna bank would contact me, would cancel the pending transactions, and would take me through the application process again. So I waited. And waited. And waited. It was clear into the second week that people were now placing orders sucessfully but I could see delivery dates we're moving out rapidly. Then reports of out of stock devices began to appear. So again a PM to admin was used and I was reassured that my case was being looked at and that if I told them what I'd ordered then they would see to it that stock was reserved. Still i waited. At day 7 after placing the orders the pending transactions were still showing on my account so I did as was asked and continued to wait. On day 8  (Wed 19th) the transactions disappeared. No one had contacted me so I believe they had naturally timed out since more than a week had passed. The next day I received a standard email from Klarna apologising and saying deposits would be returned in a few days. Well that missed the point somewhat. I asked them what next steps ought to be and got no reply, so still I waited. Eventually on Friday I was told by Klarna (not Samsun) to go ahead and place another order. So that's it. No hand holding? No help? I pondered for a moment and then drew a deep breathe and started. Sure enough this time straight through, conformation and everything. Only now, instead of a delivery on 9th March it has become 20th March. How can that be? I was one of the first to place an order. Well try and place an order. The process was broken. I like many others was inconvenienced for several days in terms of frozen funds. I haven't threatened to switch my allegiance to the dark side as that is just a step to far, but the end result of this entire process is that the phone I ordered is now going to take 2 weeks longer to arrive , through no fault of mine as I see it. Samsung and Klarna continue to wring their hands on this and I genuinely haven't seen or heard of one case where they have done anything to "compensate" those of us who got mixed up in this. I use the word "compensate"advisedly, in my context that would mean simply restoring the status quo and giving us access to those early deliveries that we were denied access to because of their issues. I waited so long because I was told to? How was that helpful in the long run? Apologies for the long story, but even though I've still purchased the phone I want Samsung to have a record of what an utterly miserable process it was and how shockingly poor their customer service has been throughout.

No that's it for me. No phone is worth credit problems. And no business with disastrous support through this deserves any business. They should have closed the site link immediately but they wanted to hoard the orders... You have to make a company pay for complete incompetence and greed.
I couldnt have summed up the situation any better.

I think Samsung are a disgrace of a company. To not even issue a written apology from someone who means something in the Samsung Company. 

What an embarrassment of a company to work for. 


@AntS my application keeps getting declined and I am fed up because I've contacted Klarna and everything is alright at their end. Its Samsung with the issues. PLEASE FIX THIS 

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