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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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Have you checked TransUnion (Credit Karma)? If a hard credit search has been conducted, doing another might not be a good idea!

Morning all, so i tried again this morning using the Safari browser (no, the irony is not lost on me) and..........success (i think!) Everything went through OK until the very end when i was re-directed back to the Samsung website with a message to say "upgrade application unsuccessful". However, order is now showing as being placed under my Samsung account and payment plan email received from Klarna. I'm going to leave it at that - just happy that at least the order is now showing.

Thanks Daisenberg, good shout, however all went through OK this morning so i'm just going to leave it that.

@gatelelydan wrote:

Does anyone know is the upgrade is working today. I'm in the same boat as the rest in not knowing if my order has been pushed through. Willing to try again as my deposit has been returned now but wont if the same issues are present. 

Any moderators online today who might be able to update everyone on the situation 

Hi @gatelelydan ! We've received no further news on this situation as of yet.


The upgrade looks like it's working. Used a browser with not ad blockers like someone suggested and worked fine. 

Spoke to samsung and there was no order on my account so if you are still waiting its likely the order was wiped.


Hope this helps those still in limbo.


I just have 1 pending transaction again and it shows my order on the Klarna app. Nothing from samsung so, should I ring them up or wait?


Congrats to those of you that have managed to get through this awful process. My update, 3 days (72 hours) after my first attempts to place an order is as follows:

  • My bank is still showing 3 deposits of £120 each pending to "KLARNA SAMSUNG CHERTSEY SE"
  • No further response from Klarna following my long call with them yesterday and escalation to "special team" for investigation.
  • I have a Direct Debit confirmation email
  • I have Screenshots of the 3 contracts that I was unable to digitally sign on three different platforms (PC, Tablet and Phone)
  • There is 1 hard and multiple soft searches on my credit record
  • Still NOTHING whatsoever heard from Samsung themselves, apart from a reminder email yesterday that my upgrade window is open to use the Upgrade program!!. So no order registered, no acknowledgement (directly) of an issue, no apology, literally bugger all, even though they will be very aware that I have made 3 attempts to follow their upgrade program. 

This is the 2nd largest technology company in the world, can they really not fix this issue or even have an inkling of what fair customer service looks like? Other than @AntS on here, who is clearly hitting the same brick wall as us, its utterly disappointing. I find myself paralysed now as I refuse to attempt to place yet another order and face another deposit/credit search etc, although I know as it stands no there is no "formal" completed order on anyone's system, be that Klarna or Samsung, due to the greyed out button problem. So unless "they" follow the trails of any of my failed attempts to order, (which are plain for them to see whatever they say), and confirm an order on the back of that,  then it looks like its game over for me.


Been on hold to Klarna for 43 minutes (started as number 21 in the queue and am now number 5). Have experienced all the same issues and just want to settle my current agreement and then I will arrange a trade in on the S10 and go get myself an iPhone - cannot be dealing with this ineptitude.


If it helps anyone else, I almost fell foul of the option to digitally sign - button remained grey and was unable to click - but, and it's not that obvious (or even possible) using your phone (or indeed a browser), you absolutely have to scroll to the end of the text in the window before the button turns blue - i could then click and proceed.

Just feels like terrible web design really and not very user friendly.


Just a quick update on my issue..


I've logged into my Samsung account and my order has magically appeared and appears to be fine now.


Still no communication from Samsung with an apology or confirmation etc... But I wont hold my breath. 



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