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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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@BHanton Did you ever get any emails from Klarna with an agreement or never get that far? 


@sammyh25  Ive now had the agrement emailed through from Klarna also yes so everything has gone though


Dont know if the website problems about accepting agrement have been resolved or if its because i used a idfferent brownser as  @Gh0str1der mentioned earlier chrome seems to be causing problems for their website 


@BHanton Sorry meant did you get an agreement first time around? Just deciding whether to try it again, but I can see the Klarna agreement, have a direct debit etc, just don't have a Samsung Order... 🙄


Yes, same here and £180 pending deposit in the bank account; dont want to make it £270 😉 


A lot of people enquiring about Credit searches.


I just checked mine via
And although I only completed the transaction twice I had 18 soft searches for Affordability & Fraud along with 1 hard search.


It is worth noting that soft searches whilst they appear on file, they cannot be seen by other lenders.


See here for more info.



@sammyh25Got the agreement first time around after retrying again today yes but i would strongly recommend waiting until any pending charges have cleared from your bank account as i imagine this means they may have action your account Klarna’s end


Just tried via the edge browser and I have an agreement from Klarna now and the phone shows up on the app.. still no order confirmation from Samsung and no order history on the site.

Mine took a few hours

Just got this SMS message from Samsung, as promised an update before 5pm...


"Just to update you on your Samsung order. We are still investigating why you did not receive an order confirmation. We expect to resolve the matter within 24hrs, and can reassure you that your order has been received and is being processed. Thank you for your patience."


So to recap, I paid my deposit with Klarna, signed the agreement electronically, have received 2 emails from Klarna re the agreement and direct debit, and can also see the agreement on the Klarna app or website.  The Samsung website simply bombed out right at the end of the process and to date I can't see any S20 order in my Samsung Account, and when I call Samsung they can't see the order either...


However, the SMS messages from Samsung appear to suggest that if you have the same scenario as me, they are on the case, so don't do anything else or make any further orders.

I just spoke to someone at Klarna who said to ignore the email confirming the agreement/DD, their system got no further than setting up an account for me. Which would tally with no purchase or scheduled payments showing in my account. The deposit won't leave my account. Not entirely sure I believed him, but there we go.


He was less certain about searches already on my file or what would happen when I try again. I guess I'll find out...

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