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S20 Upgrade Lounge Issues


Keep trying to upgrade my s10 plus to the new S20 however everytime I get to the klarna page where it asks certain details boom the tab crashes and I complete the upgrade anyone else having the same problem?

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I'm having the exact same issue.... by the sounds of it I think I'll leave it a day or two and try again then when the dust has settled so to speak!

Anyone managed  to get through the screens to upgrade to s20?

I put in my agreement number and name choose a phone s20 plus and answer yes to all the questions about my then takes  no account of any value for my old phone wanting me to pay full whack..

No mention of free buds or paying off my current agreement either ..

It seems the upgrade program is now akin to PCP for a car

Phoned customer services last night and they blame the website..been into local samsung centre and they know less than me

Kinda makes you wonder why bother?


Same issue with me, as soon as I scroll down to choose the phone OR click on the button then I get the bottom part of the page only

Same issue here.
Couldnt accept the Klarna T&C as it was greyed out even though scrolled to the bottom of the screen.
They have taken the deposit and set up the direct debit, but they now reject my application.
On speaking to Klarna and getting passed around 3 different phone numbers, they dont seem to find any records of the transaction.
Its an absolute joke at the moment.

i will be buying myself out of my remaining 12 months and going elswere i think i cant be doing with this shoddy samsung service every 12 months

Had exactly the same issue. Contacted Samsung, they said speak to the lender. Spoke to Klarna, they said speak to another company on a number: 0333 321 6080. Klarna stated they were taken over by another company recently. I can see the Hard Search on my TransUnion Credit Report so I don't want to create another search!!

I stupidly tried it again as the website was looking fine, however application rejected by Klarna as I have too many credit searches!!!!  So at least I know half of my original order has gone through, i.e. the Klarna part!!!


You couldn't make this up!!!

Sounds like you spoke to the same people...
Not sure how this will get sorted.
I have now emailed Klarna giving them my old contract details and as much as I can about what's been setup so far. But it seems to sit between Samsung and Klarna with neither of them providing much constructive help.
I may be switching to OnePlus at this rate.

I have had the exact same issue this morning, did you manage to resolve this? I have phoned samsung and they have informed me they can see my order.

Next thing for me is to contact Klarna


Well I have the same issue here. Tried 3 times on 3 different devices, One lapop, one tablet and existing S10. Same everytime. Get right through to the end and am unable to sign the final document. As with eveyrone else, I have received my DD agreement and I can now see 3 pending deposit payments on my bank account. I have spoken to Samsung who say it is a fault with Klarna. Klarna say they have no record of the transaction (even though I have screenshots of the agreement and the DD email and pending Klarna payments at the bank).  Overal utterly shoddy outcome, after such a glitsy unboxing presentation yesterday. It is not the kind of customer experience that you should encounter when trying to purchase £1200 of tech equipment. And the blame passing just adds insult to injury. Shame on you Samsung!!!

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