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S20 Ultra zoom impressions


I've had this phone for close to a month now and it's great, admittedly I have issues with the Exynos version but as we cannot get the SD version, no point complaining further about it. 

The Zoom on the S20U is amazing! No doubt. But it also has a massive processing issue! The viewfinder between 30x and 100x shows one thing but the post processing image is massively different. And that's not a good thing. It SMOOTHS the image to ridiculous proportions. And what could actually be a decent picture of a building, or even the moon ends up looking like a blurry mess. Especially recently, we had a Pink Super moon in the sky, and what the viewfinder was seeing was spectacular!! And its so frustrating that once the picture was taken, the resulting image in the gallery was a basically a yellowy blurry circle.

Really hope Samsung addresses this in future updates because the latest update did not bring improved zoom processing. 


I can maybe show you something I noticed.. 


When I take a picture at long zoom it smoothes the picture.. makes it blurry.. i took a screenshot and it shows the more sharper image.. Screenshot_20200407-201625_Camera.jpg




It's exactly what I found! And is the perfect example! Hope Samsung sees this and makes adjustments! Because that pic of the moon is stunning!

Guys, if you use the burst shooting (pull down on the shutter) instead of normal shot, then there's no processing and the pictures actually look like on the viewfinder :smiling-face: Stupid, but it works.


How samsung can let this happen is beyond me... Probably so they can remove it on the s21 and say it's better..

That actually works! Shame though, coz I like to use a timer to stabilise the shot - because pressing the button can make a blurry shot. But I'll give it a go, with a tripod. See if the moon is out.
I totally agree.i put a post up earlier about the zoom.if they could put an update out to stop over prossessing the image it could look quite decent. As I said in my post huawei, s p40 pro plus as a 100x zoom and the pictures from that look good no over prossessing so you don't get the stupid water colour effect.all samsung needs to do is put out an update to stop it doing that.
I agree the image prossessing on the 30 and 100x zoom is ridiculous. You may get a half decent image if samsung stopped doing that.i have seen pictures of the huawei p40 pro plus 100x zoom and it really is better than the s20 ultra because they are not prossessing the image like Samsung are doing and the AI is much really need to send out an update for the zoom capabilities.

You guys are so right about the image processing done on the high end zooms of the S20U, useless photos. But there's a simple hack to get photos as you see on the screen or sometimes better. All you have to do is turn on the FLASH and take the high end 30x or 100x zooms. Flash doesn't reach that far obviously but this tricks the phone to not Post-Process it like some watercolour painting. Try it for yourselves and let me know!

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