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s20 Ultra slow wifi on Asus router Ax88u


Hi All,


I wanted to know if anyone else has been experience slow wifi speeds with their wifi 6 router. I have the Ax88u router and i know from the US forum some had trouble with their Note 10s as well.


When I run a speedtest alongside an iphone 8 the iphome has a much faster download speed compared to my S20 Ultra phone. I do have 1Gbs Internet in my home.


Would be good to see if anyone else has the same issue?

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Hey so I do IT Networking. I've had 2 S20 Ultras thinking the phone is the problem and it is. On WiFi 6 it gets worse download speeds than the s8, and older phones on AC. On AX the iPhone 11 pro Max gets average 700+ Mbps. The s8 on AC gets around 600mbps. I have a gig connection going to a Linksys AX12 router. I've noticed the s20 ultra can get higher speeds of you're right next to the router but have any of noticed that the s20 ultra has worse wifi signal strength? At medium distance the s20U gets 3-400mbps whereas the other phones still get over 600mbps. 

That is exactly what i experienced which resulted in me returning my router even though its not the issue. Since no point having it if i can't use and i can't return my phone.

I don't know what Samsung was doing designing and testing this phone. Just a scam they pulled.

I have the Asus RT-AC86U and have NO problems with the S20 WiFi speed.


I have used 3 Samsung phones S8, S9 plus and the S20 ultra all after connecting to my home WiFi ( 2 x Asus RT-AX92U at 350meg down 35meg up ) after 20 mins on the 5ghz slow to 45meg down. After turning wifi off and then back on all phones get full speed, 20 mind later slows to 45 meg down. Samsung have done something the the phones on 5ghz. Doesn't happen on 2.4 or 5.1 channel full speed all the time. I know its not the routers as the iPhone XR has full speed all the time. Come on Samsung update and fix the.slowing of WiFi. 

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Same issue on my S20 Ultra unfortunately 😕


Tried your trick 3 times now and it worked

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after a lot of testing found out that my slow wifi was due to 2 settings.

first in your router disable WMM, this made my s20+ use like 30mbps max in my case. now list my wifi 5ghz as +800mbps

seconds, disable ipv6 on the router. this made my phone ultra slow to everything. like play store hang on app updates, google drive take forever to load every single photo, like is taking forever to get the first reply from the server.

with that changed now the phone works at full speed on wifi.

so lame that a flag***** that cost nearly 1 thousand dollars have to disable things externally to work properly. no other phone or device works bad with the previous config of WMM or IPv6.

Hope they fix it asap.

Hello everyone!


My router is not Asus, but Sagemcom (my ISP gave it to me) and my internet is 1000/1000 mbit. 


On my iPhone 11 Pro the speed was always around 500/500. 


Yesterday I bought a Samsung S20 Plus. On my balcony (5 meters from the router) a game showed that I have bad connection. I tested my internet speed (on wifi ofc) and it was 6/2 mbit... Than I went back to my room, placed the phone next to the router, the speed was 46/26. On my iPhone 11 Pro right after that it was 502/512.


Than I found this forum, turned off the bluetooth on the Samsung, the speed was 488/446. After that I turned back the bluetooth (nothing was connected to it on any tries) 496/444.


Shame on Samsung. I'm sending back the phone. At this price point, it's not acceptable.

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Hi All,

I had the same problem with an AX speeds being only 40Mbps on my  S20+. The phone is definitely the problem. Apparently it is to hard to write and test dissant Wifi drivers. Especially for your flagship device that costs 1000+ bucks. And why deploy a patch to fix it when 6 months of support is more than enough. It is time to buy Note 20 after all. 


The solution is to disable WMF and/or IGMP. I have successfully gotten full speeds on a TP-link ax50 router with intel chipset.



To be honest i returned my router because of the difference in sped i was getting on an iphone 8 and the S20U. Resorted into keeping my Ac88U router which i previously had.


Probably wait for Wifi 6E now

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