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s20 ultra .rubbish over heating phone poor quality

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Samsung if I wanted a iron for my clothes I would of bought one, the samsung s20 note ultra came out the box and heated up like fresh bread out of the oven, this is also not what I paid for , samsung you're a billion dollar company if I should say , and I speak for a few to say what kind of rubbish over priced over heating over lagging, over rated 2020 ***** phone is this, I was let down by performance , like a child who work up to see his Christmas tree burnt down alone with there toys. You didn't have to rush to put out a phone if it wasn't ready , you should fire any executives that make some bad decisions by put a ***** chip in a over a 1000 phone. FIX THIS ***** NOW, ANOTHER unhappy customer

what you doing on your phone to get it hot ?
same here, mine without installing any apps battery runs out like heck. can't even get a decent 9hr on medium power saving mode.
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check all settings I have not any problems yet Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G
calm down if you have just received it it will get hot for about a week or so mine did I got over it in a day and its never been hot since. and as for lagging mine has never lagged once.
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