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S20 ultra photos / videos missing?


Hi Guys,

I've recently bought a S20 ultra and have some issues with photos and videos thatkthat disappearing??


I filmed  a slow a slow motion video, changed a where the slow Mo started and finished and resaved to my folder.


A few days later I went to review this video and now all of those taken are missing? 


I've checked the SD card and phone memory but cannot locate said videos?


Is this a common issue? If so how did you rectify?



*****..... I bought it from a shop on eBay. Can I ask how you know that?

Thanks for your advice.

The colours are messed up, the line around the card is black and not white, the package is not even close to the original one and the sd adapter looks fake too.

That card will have no endurance and also its capacity is not like advertised, if it goes up to 20gb you are lucky, you should throw it away and buy one from amazon, however then send me a pic since also amazon sometimes gets scsammed

Thanks for your advise, I'll do exactly that..

This is another new one bought from Amazon this time.20200619_130608.jpg






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Hi! I have too problem with photos that are shooting with 108mp and after shoot you can see them after they are broken file . Can they be recovered? There it shows file sizes more then 20 MB each file but can't open. Saved on SD card.


Usually real samsung are white back. I guess it is probably difficult for "fakers" to do it that way, which makes it easy to check.


The other way to check it is by testing it in a PC, for example with H2Testw.


The problem with fake cards is that the micro-software inside it makes you believe it is say, 64 GB but only holds like 1 GB in reality (or something even FAR lower sometimes...). Once you have reached this very low capacity, the camera keeps saving on the card, but it saves on previous files endlessly, which means that you loose all your previous files.


You only buy ONE Sdcard and it is for your own memories saving. Anyone should do himself a favor and buy it real price at a fully trusted dealer / shop. 


If you're going to save videos on it, you also want to buy something really fast to allow fast write/read and high bitrate especially for 4K. I prefer save them internal memory by default because it is made for it, this memory is the fastest out there. Then my photos save automatically on Google Photo so i never loose anything anyway, you can also use samsung cloud.


@Slates , usually the files are store in internal storage / DCIM

if they are saved in internal memory.

else it is in SD card > DCIM



Real samsung cards are NOT white back but have a white outline around the card like the one posted by @Slates and the writings on that card are completely ok so i would say his card is not a fake card but a legit one

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