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s20 ultra over heat + random click on screen+ green screen ..

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after the 1 april update of camera improve , still finding front camera with making low contrast on 120 hz the color of screen is green also when the phone on 5 % of battery the screen is green .

random click on screen in the up behind camera 2 times on 120hz mode and 1 time on 60 hz mode happend .

over heat of the phone even while using 60 hz .

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Hi @martins33 


Are you using the SnapDragon or Exynos chipset version  ?


To add sometimes if a phone is playing up after an update then the two methods may help.


Turn the phone off and then from a set series of button presses go into the phone system files and clear the cache.


If no help then back up,  remove any relevant Sd card and factory reset.


I wish you all the best with this situation. 


🏳️‍🌈Stay Safe 🏳️‍🌈



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.


The weird color thing is just Samsung f****g the latest firmware up:


Yeah, not really what we need after all these issues already.


Quite hilarious, the times Samsung actually replied to my emails .. 


All they said was to do a factory reset. 

I played along knowing I have a backup.. 


Moral of the story:   it's not the users fault. The phones have a HARDWARE issue. 

Reset helped me pack it back in the box and ship it off to them with a big " Defective note" over it! 

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