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S20 ultra - Main camera and video SHAKE

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Main camera preview and video all of a sudden shake like crazy resulting in blurry photos and wavy videos. 





I have not dropped or caused this phone any trauma. All the stabilization settings are on. And I have a steady hand.


I noticed there is no shake at all when i switch to the wide angle lens but the shake/waves are much worse when the 5x zoom mode is used.

The attached is the motion photo saved as gif to allow upload to this post. This is what i see when I open my camera app or any app that uses my camera. This VERY shaky camera started about a week ago. What is going on?20200528_183912_1.gif


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Ya I'm having the same problem I think samsung need to come out with a software update ASAP, as I had the s10 before the s20 and there was also a camera issue when using third party apps and It took them a while, this needs to be fixed or I will have 2 switch to an ion device if they do not .

The camera shakes and has really bad auto focus I find but this only happens when I hold the phone vertically in portrait mode.

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UPDATE: It is shaky again,  two days after the factory reset. So, it didn't help. 😣


Hi guys.

I had the same issue with my new S20, so I reached the customer service and they told me to do a factory reset.


The whole process explained:

1. First, I made a data backup on my computer. I used the Smart switch app here:

2. After it was done, I performed the factory reset.

3. When the factory reset was done, I checked the camera if it helped (it did help, no issues have been detected).

4. Then I restored the data back to my phone via the Smart Switch app.


My camera is not shaky anymore! Hopefully, it will last. 🤞

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