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S20 Ultra file size

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Hi, so far I'm pretty disappointed with the quality of the photos to the point I'm wondering if there is a fault with the phone/camera.
Couple of things I've noticed, the picture quality is not pin sharp on any objects at any distance, indoor photos are even worse, the other thing is the size of the saved files, my s9 photos would be over 4mb but the photos from this phone are around 2mb sometimes lower(@ 108 mega pixel than are 17+ mb is what I expected).
Is there a tweak in the settings that I should be applying please tell me.
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🙄 its just a bad camera my s10 was the same and still is over a year of updates later, look at my profile and posts, awful indoor quality and awful video qualitu of I zoom at all, I'll not upgrade to the s20 or s21 infact, reviews must be fake or paid my camera os awful, google bad s10 and s20 camera, you will soon see loads have the same issues
open the camera and at the top of the display there will be a selector button. see what you have selected.....

The fact that file size is half comlared to thw s9 is due to using .heic compression, you should see that photos are in .heic and not .jpg format.

Heic allows to reduce the file size in half but still retain more data and detail compared to jpg.

The clarity issues are not due to the .heic format but may be due to the camera

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