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S20 Ultra Camera

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Will S20 Ultra camera recieve updates to fix focusing issues, because I really want to buy this phone, but can I trust samsung to fixing it?

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Fix it*

I believe there is already an update due from Samsung for the camera. Not sure if it's for the focusing. Haven't even got mine yet to see what's wrong with it 😁


I think by the time our phones ship the update should be there waiting once the phone is connected to a network.

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I received my ultra a day early here in Bangkok. So far I have not seen these Focus problems.the phone is very awesome I love it.

Don't believe a word until you see a honest review showing that. 

I got my UK version  2 days ago and im furious how ***** all cameras are(including selfie)

The most unusable is the telephoto lens ,over 3.9x zoom refuses to focus no matter what, when you want to take a photo of something closer (lets say you finger or anything as a macro shot)

I dont use the tele anyway,i use mostly the main camera and wide camera

I compared with the note 10plus and there is such a big difference in photo quality between the two, note 10plus photos looks much more better than the ultra .

The focus issues are persistent all the time in all cameras, including selfie

I remembered when Note 10plus came out,i had problems with focus on subject (faces were not in focus),but later,new update came(one u.i. 2.0) and fixed this problem. 

For this sort of money i expected to see a great camera performance, but definitely not this *****.

To sum up: if you come from s10plus or note 10 plus ,you better wait for note 20, otherwise it is a big improvement over other phones out there 



To be fair the S10+ Camera was a crock of poo on day one of release and only through updates did it improve over time and I suspect over time the S20 series of phones will improve as well. Of course there is the arguement that it should be perfect on release date but that's never happened with any of the Samsung phones I've owned previously.  I'm sure over the coming months with constructive feedback we will see improvement 🤞


Ok ok .... I'll level with you buddy ... Nothing wrong what so ever with the focus 👍 it's slow at automatic focusing because none of the sensors  have dual pixel auto focus just a basic form of PDAF , it's a characteristic of high density pixel sensors, unfortunately no amount of software updates will fix this. If your that worried or p****d off about it ... Go grab a s20+ all  sensors have dual pixel and PDAF 


So, I have, the "ultra". You are saying that the auto focus cannot be fixed? With a update?


"Support" tells you go use "auto tracking "

Hm... only wanted to take a "still shot".

It has helped leaving this on.

You pay a lot of money, you don't expect that. 

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