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S20 Ultra Camera Suggestion - Pro mode for wide angle and telephoto lenses


Since getting the phone (S20 Ultra) and dealing with some autofocus issues, I've come to appreciate the pro mode. Not for any of the pro features, really (I'm no photographer and don't get how to use all the features properly) but for the fact that it has manual focus. When auto focus fails (which it regularly does on the current firmware) it's great to be able to have a backup option. There are 2 problems with the pro mode, however:


1) You can only use the main camera sensor

2) You can't use 108mp mode on the main sensor


Personally, I think it would be great if Samsung enabled pro mode on the telephoto and wide angle lenses - especially the telephoto lens. While it wouldn't negate the need for better autofocus on the normal mode (which the phone desparately needs) it would at least give people an option when the camera is unable to focus, or in situations where the camera just keeps focusing on the wrong thing (which can happen on the best of autofocus implementations).


Well not to have a hot take but in the first place you should have not bought the s20 ultra for the 108mpx camera (no offense).


that said there is a lot more behind a pro mode than a ui, they may have api problems or may not be able to use the isp for a pro mode on the other cameras due to the lack of the ability on one of the two versions, kinda like the 9810 being able to shoot 4k at 120fps, but the snapdragon 845 not being able to do that so the feature could not have been implemented.


Have a nice evening


What bothers many people and is often mentioned in reviews of the phones camera is the hideous oversharpening effect Samsung has been using for ages.


Pro mode has the benefit of being able to save pictures as RAW hence without the sharpening effect.


Would it at least be possible to implement that feature for all of the lenses? That would be a compromise since there is obviously no need felt on the developers side to enable a "true" pro mode for all of them..  


Firstly, besides 5x telephoto and 108mp sensor it has nothing, compared to regular S20 and S20 Plus AND Huawei offerings.

Secondly, I am a developer and I can understand the problems of incompatibility 'n' stuff, but they have a competition (Huawei), they charge more for their phone... Aaaand? It has less? Why switching between lenses in Pro mode is in Huawei flagship phones an essential feature for like 3+ years? Why Samsung support, instead of giving a compehensive reason for not having such an essential (in my eyes, at least) feature, gives just straight up "go away, we don't care"? That's a very good way to go Apple which is not good


For me the fact if having 108 is a downgrade not a plus😅


I appreciate the response from developers. But as a developer, I assume its not much difficult that we are waiting since 2, 3 years. I raised the same suggestion when Note 8 launched.

I mostly use DSLR, because I did not found the same features in my Note 8, and Note 10. For me both telephoto and wide angle camera is useless, because I always use manual mode.


Regarding telephoto camera sensor, It has the same funcationality as standard sensor do. I dont know what is challenging in manual mode, while the same can be done in auto mode. 

Anyway if both sensor handle is difficult in same PRO Option, then why not add additional mode lets say Zoom PRO. 

Hopefully we ll hear good news from Samsung.  Otherwise I personaly can think about to switch my phone to Iphone or Huawei.


So, if you want to take professional photos, choose Auto instead of Pro 🙂
Automatic mode gives 2 times better photos if you want to zoom 2x or more.
This is S9 +, but all galaxies have the same problem:


You're missing the whole point of Pro mode. It's not about "better" photos, it's about having full control over the cameras


Yes, it's sarcastic 🙂
Of course I want to have a manual lens switch .


If that "would make the UI too complicated" then they could have at least made the telephoto camera available to third-party apps. They can already access the wide-angle camera after all, so why not the telephoto lens?


Why is Pro mode not available in wide angle/telephoto or 108mp? It's like buying an extra large pizza, but the only topping available is broccoli 🥦...


So 😥 



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