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S20 Ultra Camera sharper images


Hi Everyone,

I just received the S20 ultra this week and to be honest I am disppointed with the camera so far.

I mainly use the phone to take photos of jewellery to send to customers etc. The pictures don't have to be print quality but I would like them to sharp and in focus.

Unfortunately I bought the phone on contract from vodafone and I tried to return it after two days but they wouldn't accept it as I had installed software on the phone, it asked me to do a smart switch as soon as I turned it on which installed some software from my previous phone (whatsapp etc)


Perhaps someone here could offer some advice as to how I can get better images? I have tried pro mode, manual focus, holding the phone about 20cm from the object etc but still not getting the sharpness I had on my S8 note.  


Do you think it's possible to resolve this issue or is my only option a different phone?



S20 ultra.jpegsamsung ultra.jpg


the narrower focus windows may due to the dimension of the sensor, sorry i have no idea.. photos look quite good from here, i have no suggestions... sorry

Yeah it will be tricky to get the whole thing in focus with that big sensor from up close. Try taking the same photo with the zoom camera, I think it will be able to keep the whole thing in focus.

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate the efforts. The item doesn't have to be in complete focus I just want a fairly decent photo. I've attached an image I took on my S8 note as an example, also the filters on the S8 note were much better and easier to navigate then the S20 ultra.

I also bought a S10 note for my colleague, I will test their phone after the covid lockdown is over, if that doesn't work I guess I will jump to a Huawei. Really disappointed with Vodafone and Samsung, they have my money now and they could care less that the phone is not fit for purpose.


Samsung S8.jpg


To be honest this S8 picture doesnt look much better in my opinion than the S20 Ultra. I believe if you experiment with the S20 ultra you can get a very good picture. Try 108mp mode, take the picture from a bit further away (maybe around 50-60cm) and later crop in. I believe if you get it to focus correctly you will get a much sharper image than the S8.
You can also try taking some photos with the Zoom camera at default zoom range to see what the results will be like.

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Same, very disappointed with camera.. 😞

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