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s20 ultra camera or lack of


I purchased this phone mainly for the camera even tho the reviews of camera were not great.

Where do I start price 1499 for a phone that lasts just over a day  not bad  this is the only good point of this expensive battery!!

I reviewed the April security update and there is still no improvement in the camera .. it seems that if I want to take a picture I have to bring a pocket camera with me..every picture I take with this phone is unusable  blurred.  1 in 10 pictures I take might be good .

The incredible zoom is so amazing NOT   .. the 10x zoom is OK if you take 20 pictures you should get 1 fairly good one..

This is the first time I am ashamed to say I have the ultra and this from someone that has had Samsung since the s2 

Maybe someone can give a definite time frame if this issue will be fixed with an update or are we all stuck with a camera that pretends to be something its not


I agree with you.

I think most of it was fake or a dupe atleast. The whole reason people purchased this phone and also why this phone even exists is one thing..... THE CAMERA.

What is the most disappointing feature of this phone.. you guessed it THE CAMERA. It is utter pointless to release a scam of a phone to get people to purchase and promise software updates ( which has failed big time) to fix the issue, which hasn't been done at all.

I basically have bought a phone without a camera. I am planning to sell it when the iPhone 12 comes back and stick with the iPhone. Never again.
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