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s20 ultra camera or lack of


I purchased this phone mainly for the camera even tho the reviews of camera were not great.

Where do I start price 1499 for a phone that lasts just over a day  not bad  this is the only good point of this expensive battery!!

I reviewed the April security update and there is still no improvement in the camera .. it seems that if I want to take a picture I have to bring a pocket camera with me..every picture I take with this phone is unusable  blurred.  1 in 10 pictures I take might be good .

The incredible zoom is so amazing NOT   .. the 10x zoom is OK if you take 20 pictures you should get 1 fairly good one..

This is the first time I am ashamed to say I have the ultra and this from someone that has had Samsung since the s2 

Maybe someone can give a definite time frame if this issue will be fixed with an update or are we all stuck with a camera that pretends to be something its not



Is there anyone from Samsung on here to give a response to this issue 

Totally agree with you. I switched from the iPhone when the S8 came out and this has been the worst phone i have owned and it really feels like Samsung pulled a fast one on all of us.
Yes for sure awh its a joke camera so it is ... you would get a better camera if you went to the toy shop and got a toy one off the shelf

I had two updates during the time I had mine, the camera gets worse. It will eventually start overheating and slow the camera hardware down even more. 

The battery gets worse after a week.. consider returning it while you still can! 

I would definitely do it if i could. Sadly stuck with the phone for 2 years on EE and its passed the 14 day period.

If it gets worse you can return it as a defective product. The warranty is still valid.

EE will need to have it exchanged or repaired on your behalf.

Thanks for that.

What i am going to do is see if Samsung comes back with a statement or anything following on from the article that was written yesterday and do that.

It is always hard battling the networks to replace or refund it.

I'm the same I gave my daughter my mate 30 pro which I got from china back in September 2019 because she liked it so much and  got ultra on  three   I've had the phone a month and hate it worst phone I've had from Samsung and I've had lots the first being my not 3 which I still have

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I am starting to think all the amazing photos which sold the s20 Ultra to me were not taken with an s20 ultra...


All of my photos no matter the lighting and no matter how much I alter the settings come out blurry, fuzzy and/or speckly.


If I zoom at all the quality is Even worse..  I keep going back to my s9 to take photos.


There was even an update a few days ago I got which was supposed to contain 'Improved Performance - Camera" I can't see any difference in it at all..


Extremely disappointed..  I can't return it as I'm past the cooling-off period, as I was silly enough to wait for an update in hopes it improves the quality. So now locked in for 3 years...


I keep getting told the updates will fix it... I've yet to see it. I have seen people with the s20 and s20 + take photos way way better which is really disappointing... Not getting what we paid for at all! 

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