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s20 ultra battery life problem


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I just use 4hours 6 minutes and the battery  from from 100%to 18%, it's 120hz,but i am not playing  games,just use some  chat apps and watch YouTube. I watched many YouTube s20u test videos,others can use about 10hours for phone. And my phone just buy 4days,  every time the battery  life is less 6 hours,i turn off everything uncessary settings.

Hi - I have now had my S20 Ultra for almost 3 weeks and I am very pleased to say that the battery life just keeps getting better. Clearly the AI takes some time to learn. Week 1 was horrific, big improvement in week 2 and now its good 🙂
with 120 hz?
Hi Sems - I very rapidly turned down to 60Hz after the second day, did not make any noticeable difference, the battery life was BAD! Now it has become really rather good I have put it back to 120Hz just today and it seems fine.

I am Vlad i have same problem
I have s20 ultra and i have from 3 weeks
With 120 refresfrate and put to sleep many apps and Close other stuff to stop eating my battery
The phone screen on time is 4:30 hours
From 100% to 8%
And i don’t use the phone with games and heavy things
Normal things
I don’t now what happend with this phone
is the worst battery phone i use
I have a second phone 11 pro
The battery from this phone is not great
Is very great
i chose s20 ultra for camera,battery and specification
I love the phone but the battery is a *****
I spend So much monney for a battery *****
The battery is drain even with the phone in stand-by mode very hard
I've had so many phones in my life
and all premium
but this is a *****
I mean the battery

I kept the refresh rate and at 60hz it improved by 30 minutes
a piece of cake

I'm sorry to say samsung
but with the battery you have big ,big problems

make people like me no longer buy your products




How long have you had the phone also how heavy do you use it as my battery life is doer atm I've had mine nearly 2 weeks already processed a return request swapping for a pro max 

I have now had my phone 4 weeks. It was only after week 3 that it became good with the battery. I am probably an average user. I do not play games on my phone but do watch video and do office / business stuff

By good what do you mean as today I haven't even had 3 hours screen on time and I'm at 29% thats pretty poor in my eyes tbh I'm looking at the pro max but really love this phone just the battery let's it down 


Do you try a facotry reset ?


No I haven't tried it will it make a difference 


Hi try everything on that list.
My S20 5g now goes up to 7.5 hours sot from 5. I'm still using 120hz too using the Bixby button trick.
I'm using hd+ resolution now also. I can't tell the difference between that and fhd+ on this size screen.
Good luck
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