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s20 ultra battery life problem


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I just use 4hours 6 minutes and the battery  from from 100%to 18%, it's 120hz,but i am not playing  games,just use some  chat apps and watch YouTube. I watched many YouTube s20u test videos,others can use about 10hours for phone. And my phone just buy 4days,  every time the battery  life is less 6 hours,i turn off everything uncessary settings.


Agreed. If your phone is not lasting a day with moderate use (i.e. 4-5 SOT) then get it returned as it would seem faulty. I think by the looks of it 5-7 hours SOT is normal for this %*(£&y phone. Expect nearer to 5 hours if running at 120 Hz and closer to 7 hours if you run at 60 Hz. That's really generalised but the screen refresh rate seems to be a big factor (as is using 5G).


Today running at 60 Hz with 'usually' use (used intermittently) I have about 50% battery left since this morning. That's in the ball park of the S10+ I had before.


This last ditched use Exynos in Samsung phones is clearly an attempt of Samsung to pull one on us - it supports (but not very well) the features of this phone but it's on the edge. I expect Exynos variants to age quicker than SD phones if they are overheating.


There's lots of rumours about the forthcoming update but in the end it's a case of can you do withthe  S20 Ultra on the provisio that you've been sold a poorer relative, does turning some of the settings off that bake the Exynos really bother you, and/or is your phone just behaving badly.


If the latter, then as others keep saying - get rid of it ASAP.


I'm really disappointed with this phone. The camera output isn't better than the S10+ on the face of it, the additional features are limited by a sub par CPU and is it worth £400 more for the latest phone? On reflection, no.

With a phone that seems to be working badly, as designed, do I want to the faff of changing it again, no.

It's an individual decision but don't leave it to Samsung promises  - none of the big player in tech give a fig once they have your money. The more people that return products they aren't happy with might make an impact but with the coronavirus I am sure poor sales will just be put down to that.


I have surprisingly been having odd days with pretty good battery life for a change. Got 8 hours SOT today with 60Hz refresh rate and WQHD resolution, using the phone normally whilst watching quite a few videos to keep me occupied in quarantine! Hoping it gets better though as it is definitely inferior to the Snapdragon version as always.Screenshot_20200322-235932_Device care.jpg



I have the regular S20 for 10 days and I like the phone. The problem is heating and battery life. The phone gets very hot on 120 hz while using it. It is quite an quite annoying holding a hot phone. I do use a Spigen liquid air case and it is a bit less hot feeling.

And the battery life is stand bye time while on airplane mode during night is to much. Battery life could and should be a bit better. 

Will there be a software update to make this problems a bit less annoying.

I dont know how this will be in hot summer months and holding hot phone. I am also thinking of returning the phone. 


I've admitted defeat. 

I'm sending it back. It's a shame because everything else about the S20 is perfect. 5 hours screen on time is just poor.

I am pleased to report that the battery life of my S20 Ultra has become good, 65% at the end of the day
Nice to hear that, because everything is great on the phone.

How much screen on time do you get on average and when do you charge your phone? Only when it gets below 20%?


I charge my phone when it comes to 5 %, today the phone was full at 10:00 and at 6.00 it was empty, in that time screen time was 4 hours. I use Binance exchange that is heavy user, 20 min you tube, 20 min google music in a car and internet use. So phone was again full at 19.30 and now at 22.00 I have 70 % of battery. Sure the phone has 120 hz and it is great. It could be a bit cooller. But all in all an amazing phone with some problems but so is with all the phones.


I have Galaxy S20 and I have the same problem. My SoT is about 5 hours (QHD/60Hz/Dark/ many apps in dark sleep )... Will Samsung repair this battery drain to next update ? Because I will be forced to return this phone, 5 hours on SoT is unacceptable for me. 


I don't know about an update but I tried 60hz with fhd and it was barely any better.


I've arranged for a return.

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