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S20 Ultra App provided notification sounds missing.


I've just received my S20 Ultra and I've noticed straight away all my apps (snap hat, various game apps) that previously had their own distinct notification sounds (app provided sound) as stated on the notifications menu on my previous S9. 


That notification sound choice isnt an option on the S20. Am I missing the option or is it a case of I just have to individually set a sound for every app I want different and just deal with Samsung's pre loaded sounds? 

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It's a major bug/flaw/issue in Samsung Smart-switch allegedly.  If you use SSS to copy from your old phone to a new one, you lose all the "App Specific Notification Sounds".

The solution...  Uninstall and reinstall every single one of you affected apps (all 472 if you are like me, alebit not all of them have notifications etc).

It's been like this for some time now (at least since my S9, so several years), so Samsung want absolutely SHOOTING for doing nothing to fix this!

As I read this, I have just had to uninstall and reinstall SofaScore, in order to get my custom app provided "Goal" noise, for when a team scores, having recently just got a new Note20 Ultra 5G, and realised over the last few days, that yup, once again, I've lost all the custom sounds for all my apps.

Well done Samsung - utterly pathetic!

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