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S20 Ultra 512gb delayed?

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i have pre ordered my s20 ultra 512gb over a month ago EE not telling anything and directing me to Samsung i understand there maybe a delay due to covid 19 however if they are shipping other S20 versions surely they would ship the ultra. ive gad every galaxy phone since the first one they did however abit of communication goes a long way 

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Samsung COMPLETELY cancelled my two orders for s20 Ultras March 3rd for one and then March 10th for the second for whatever reason-Ok that's fine! These clowns didn't cancel the order correctly in their system, so at&t then charged me 2 upgrade fees for phones that were cancelled and never shipped. Then, I called Samsung 3 days ago to have them fix it after being escalated a bunch of times between at&t and Samsung and when I woke up this morning saw that Samsung charged me $108 for shipping and taxes. From what? I was on the phone with a supervisor for over an hour for him to tell me ph we didn't escalate it properly the first time...then the call "disconnected" and he didn't call me back! Awesome job Samsung! I've had Samsung since Galaxy S2, and I have two 9+s, tablets, buds, etc. Spending $3k for two phones SHOULD be less of a headache than this. I guarantee you Apple would've done a better job. No S20 ultras, charged $216, and STILL can't upgrade! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!! Don't even want the phones anymore-Just want my money back and the headache to be over.

I see what jokes work for samsung. I feel you guys because i am on same situation here in Germany. I start to think they hire all un capable people for a low salary, people who don't even know what names they have. Best solution is to sue them.

At last ill do. They must pay for the bad treatment of customers.

I will not let them. I still have 10mil left on my legal insurance.

And never purchase anymore from Samsung. I better use a no name Chinese phone company then give 1 more cent to Samsung. 

definitely the service of samsung has been atrocious and i have now decided to part ways with samsung and now looking at alternatives it was a hard thought but with the way samsung has showed us all customer awaiting the device has been extremely poor with little or zero communication and not only that the device is clearly flawed with the exynos version being full of bugs and poor battery life not like the snapdragon version and the poor quality of focusing in the camera definitely not what i want and as such made my mind up to part ways 

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 at 8:44, Jun 3:
It might have, its not showing on the stock list at all so not sure if they are discontinuing it with not being as popular
 at 8:45, Jun 3:
ok, i will wait and see what happens, if not then i will get the 128.
 at 8:45, Jun 3:
thanks for your time
 at 8:45, Jun 3:
No problem, you are very welcome :)!
Strange, thought the s20+ was selling great. not sure about this

Samsung also cancelled my pre-order for the Galaxy S20 5G Ultra (512GB). They never contacted me or offered me a chance to wait while they sorted through their "availability issues" Customer No-Service is totally useless and now it appears they have stopped offering this version all together without any justification.

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