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S20+ screen dims in sunlight


Hi, is it just me that my S20+ display goes dim when outside in the sunshine?


So I sit down outside, turn the phone on and the display is fine lovely and bright as you would expect, but after a few minutes the display dims to almost unreadable. Now I have tested this and its not me!! When you point the screen to the sun it does not brighten back up. While sat trying to read the screen it will intermettent go bright and dim again even if the sun has not gone in and I haven't moved the phone. Is anyone else having this issue?


So I installed "Sensors Multitool" and it says under the light sensor test that "TMD4910 Uncalibrated Lux Sensor"

So looks like this could be the issue, How do I calibrate the light sensor without factory resetting the phone????


Help please


I did see an artical regarding taping over the light sensors and turning auto brightness on and off, but think its for a different model, where are the light sensors on an S20+ ???

Hi, if your phone is directly exposed to sunlight it has to dim its screen after few minutes because of the sun heating up the Phone.
So it's about your safety. 😉

Kind regards,

ᐯIEᒪE GᖇÜßE, ᑎᔕᑭᖇOᗪ

Hat dir mein Beitrag gefallen oder dein Problem gelöst? Ich wäre froh über ein Like oder Markierung als Lösung des entsprechenden Beitrags.

Thanks for the reply, really wish I hadn't traded in my S7 Edge now because i would have returned the S20+ as not fit for purpose. The S7 Edge could be left on a table in direct sunlight for hours and still have a bright display. I have been putting the S20+ in the fridge today to cool it down!!! I get 10 mins sat in the sun before it dims to unreadable then have to put it back in the fridge again.

Can I say that the phone was not laid flat in the sun either it was tilted up so only the very top edge of the phone was pointing to the sun, This phone has serious over heating issues. I am very very disapointed.

I have the same problem and it SUCKS!  There's another thread addressing this same issue and no resolution.  I hate them protecting us from ourselves.  It's mine, i want to do what i want with it!!!

No other phone did this.  Is there an override?

Seems someone needs to make a case with a fan in to keep the phone cool when in sunlight. Would make a killing.

Or, Samsung can quit being know it alls and let us manage our devices that we paid for! They are ours!

So I've been thinking about the problem with over heating in direct sunlight. I installed an app that tells me the cpu temp, at 41 degrees you lose the screen brightness completely, unreadable. Putting the phone in the fridge until cpu is 20 degrees gives you around 15 to 20 mins in the sun. Not great so here is my solution (see pics) doesn't look great and WiFi doesn't work lol but I was sat in the sun all afternoon and the cpu temp didn't go over 38 degrees!!!! Result lol


I was going to patent this but decided all can have it. 









my friend - i appreciate your innovative spirit but lets be REAL


did we pay £1000+ for this phone to use it in a aluminium/cellophane  wrap

or after is been in the fridge for 20 minutes


Does Samsung even read these messages- this is the PHONE you sold us - one that needs to be stored in the fridge or wrapped in baking aluminium foil - in order to be used


Jesus mother of God - i have never EVER though this is possible from Samsung


complete disaster and complete silence (they probably laughing their ***** seeing us here trying to come up with solutions to make their phones usable)

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