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S20 overheating??


Hi i wonder if anyone who has received their S20 has experienced some overheating? I upgraded from my S9 which occasionally was hot during charging and heavg usage whereas the S20 is getting really hot from normal usage like phone calls or using the phone for longer than 10 mimutes and no where near the heavy usage the S9 went through. Any ideas anyone?? Thanks in advance.

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This could very well be mine, and a lot of other people's last Samsung phone if they do not do damage control, at this point it looks like a scam.


what the F efffing is going on with this phone

mine starts to heat up about 5min into using it

let me confirm - i dont use games, and the phone is at 60zh qHD set up/optimised battery

after 5min of checking apps (like email, facebook instagram) it starts to heat up FAST - the worst of the heat (mind you i have a cover so that could also be why) feels like on the front side (screen) upper left - i believe that is where the chip is


the heat doesnt go down until 5 min after i stop using the phone - during the time the phone gets hot, the battery drains at 1% every 2-3 min 


may update didnt make any difference probably because it wasnt more than a security update

I mean honestly this is messed up - think about battery life over time - if its constantly submitted to such high temp


also i am not exagerating when i say the phone is so hot you cannot hold it or put it in your pocket afterwards



is it software - i doubt - i fear is hardware

i read somewhere that is because exynos/mali setup isnt right 

did no one at samsung bother to *****ing check these things before releasing millions of phones into the wild 

do they not care at all if they start exploding again???? im sure is only a matter of time before they do - i wonder if THEN they will acknoledge this issue???


they have also locked super fast charging - basically once the phone heats up (so quite quickly) the display drops back to 60 and the super fast charging gets locked to fast charging - so 2 MAIN features - stop working 

I didnt pay £1000 for this - for limited usage, burning my hands, cant put the phone to my ears etc 

I also didnt pay to have samsung burry his head in the sand about it and act like this is not them or the phone when millions are facing the same issue


is there NO ONE here that can shed light into WTF is going on and how is this going to be fixed - if it will 


I cannot see my self using this phone for 12mo in these conditions, i also cannot return it nor sell it - so am in a really bad spot like many here are - SAMSUNG what are you doing about it???????

1. - Change from optimized to either medium power saving or performance mode- phone heats lesser
2. Exchange this phone tbh, I will be doing the same - for the note 20 if that is good or something else. This is just too bad

i changed the battery modes but it didnt made much of a difference - at the loss of other functionality


i cannot exchange it as samsung doesnt recognise this as an issue 

Change it to performance, the battery life take a bit of a hit but it crosses 40 seldom now and tbh that is all I want from this now, I am okay as long as it does not switch back to 60 hz because then it feels like it is lagging.

By exchange I meant exchange for another phone as an upgrade by paying certain amount extra. As much as this sucks, we are stuck with it, if I could I would just swap it with any other phone for the same price Samsung lost a good amount of respect at least from me for this robbery of a phone

I had, the same issues, I have now bought a P40 pro, unbelievable battery life, no over heating problem at all


and what phone upgrade


the p40 that doenst have google services?

the one plus that is also ridden with issues



Hopefully Samsung will listen and make some changes for the best
You can wait and go for the p30 pro new edition which will be coming out soon with Google services
OnePlus have already rolled out many updates and fixed most of the issues if not all already

Yeah, unfortunately the P40 does not have google services, but the phone itself is remarkablly good, 



Phone got the bad. Caused back cover to crack. Optus has said that ive got to pay for it now $290.. just wow. Thanks Samsung


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