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S20+ overheating


Hi, I am currently facing some issues with Exynos powered S20 plus. The phone generally heats up while playing games which makes the game start lagging. This just not happen to high end games (eg. PUBG) but even with games like subway surfers also. This is the serious issue which needs to be resolved. Thanks.

Wellcome to the club, same issue looking for possibility to send over warranty
If you are using optimized power mode then try changing to performance or medium battery saving it heats a good amount less in either
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I am using two phones: 


# iPhone 6 - Using from the last 4.5 years and working perfectly if we ignore the device speed.

# Galaxy s7 edge - Died after 2.2 years of service.

To replace the s7 edge I just purchased the S20+ and spent around 72k

I am not a gaming user but the phone is heating too much after doing some basic operations. Like Calling, emails, camera, etc.


The phone is really nice with plenty of features and enjoying more than iOS but I have a feeling that it can not be run more than 2 years. 


Face lock is not too fast as I see it is really good on some Oppo phones whose cost is under 20k 


If there is an option of a refund then I would like to move to iPhone 11 Pro.



same here, but its NO where NEAR as hot or laggy as my s9+ that phone got so hot i burnt my hands, and even my friend said she had to keep putting her phone in the fridge to stop it feeling like it was going to melt

yet snapdragon models dont tend to heat up so i would be interested to know if you have the exynos one?
Current Phone:
- Galaxy s20+ 128GB with 256GB MicroSD

Other Devices:
- (Possible Samsung Active Watch from the offer with s20+ once claim goes through)
- S6 32GB as spare emergency phone (If I don’t sell my s9+)
- Galaxy Tab A 10 Inch 16gb (rubbish but I got it free 2 years back – its ok to watch tv in bed)
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Same here and I'm on the latest ATE6 with may security update . 


It also just overheats just by browsing Facebook or just whatsapp or telegram. No videos.

On 4G or on wifi. My device is 4G variant. 

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i am using samsung galaxy s20+ and i have also same problem 
i dont know why 
this is my new phone  
512 gb maybe or i don't know 

over heat continuously  battery problem 

and this is my new phone 
please fix my problem or what is the solution please tell me 

thank you 
as soon as possible 
please reply me 

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