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[S20+ (EU)] Google pay payment not working

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Hey all, 


I am using Google pay and have my paypal connected as a means of payment. 
On previous devices (Note 9 and S10 among others) it worked flawlessly, however in the last couple of weeks I am experiencing some bugs to the payment process. Note that I did not change anything. 

When I go to pay contactless, I unlock my phone (fingerprint, pattern, sometimes Smart Lock) and place it on the card reader. Once it detects my phone, my phone wants me to unlock my phone again. The screen has "Samsung knox" in the bottom right corner. Once i unlocked again (only fingerprint this time), I'll have to remove and reattach my phone to the card reader because the 'session' is no longer active. And more often than not, it won't work then. Most of the time, it just does not register my phone again after putting down my phone for the first time. 

What i did so far: 
- Disabling Smart Lock
- Removing and reconnecting paypal to Google pay

- different stores/amounts of money/even countries (by nature, i did not travel for troubleshooting :D)


Thanks in advance :smiling-face:


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Make sure NFC is turned on in settings.
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