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S20 and Chord Mojo




I have upgraded from an s9plus to s20 plus but I was surprised to realize that when plugged to my Chord Mojo dac it outputs something that can not be called music. Anyone else having the same problem?


One mention, my device has the random reboot bug... Still waiting for the fix.


Pls someone test s20 plus with chord Mojo and let me know if it works for you. Thank you!



What does atfg mean?

What country are you in because there is no UK fix so far.


My device is s20+ and those 4 letters are the version termination. The long version is G985FXXU3ATFG.


I would check here to see if your carrier/country is getting it:

That makes sense

Unfortunately my model is SM-G988 etc so assuming that this fix is not in the pipeline

Do you think the audio fix is a lucky outcome if the camera fix? Still seems that Samsung are being ignorant of the fault, however happy it seems fixed for you👍

Looks like I wasn't wrong after all.  The fix seems to be limited to certain handsets.  Update applied to my handset today and the problem is still present.  


This makes Samsung look very amateur, If you want to use decent audio gear with a smartphone then look elsewhere.

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I had the same problem with my S20 Ultra (Singapore) + Chord Mojo combo since I got the phone last March.  It sucks that the problem forced me to use my older Soundblaster E5 DAC via Bluetooth.  Fast forward to August-- the firmware  ending with ATG4  fixed the issue for me. 

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