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S20 5G Exynos - Terrible battery!


Hi there.


I'm getting about 5 hours max screen on time right now with fhd 120hz. 


Anyone got any tips?


I've tried a factory reset and restored without using smart switch, but it's just the same. Love the phone but this is terrible

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Superuser I

Can you go into device care and pull up the battery stats once they've run full cycle and post it here in your thread 


Also try putting the phone in Safe Mode which disables any downloaded apps and leaves the stock ones working and then see what happens.



Current Phone ~

Samsung Note 20 Ultra 5G SM-N9860_256Gb SnapDragon 865+

Samsung One Ui 2.5/ Android 10.


Here you go.


I believe the Exynos CPU is not powerful enough to handle 120Hz and this is the primary reason for overheating and battery death. I am now testing having turned down to 60Hz.


Screenshot_20200321-085922_Device care.jpg


Here is an example of my S20 Ultra 5000mAh Exynos variant.
Most Youtube reviewers that people watch live in the US and they get the SD865 variant, ending up with at least 8 hrs of scren on-time.
In my opinion, power efficiency and performance was never the main point for Samsung rolling out Exynos processors. 
It was cost savings. And then we get charged more even more for essentially a worse product!

If the next software update doesn't at least fix the camera's autofocus issues, +1 return incoming.

Screenshot_20200319-141508_Device care.jpg


Hey mate, 

I get sometimes the same or even less - this is due to the Exynos processor which is not very good - even other reviewers on YouTube have said the same thing.

I have also issues with the phone - does your Google Maps creates the a lag on the phone when you close it and got back to the home screen?



So I arranged a return for the phone BUT I think I'm at a good balance now with performance and battery.


Currently using 120hz mode (one of the main reasons I got the phone!) FHD+  with medium power saving setting. This is achieved by adding a button to the home screen through Bixby routines that toggles medium power saving on/off and changing the refresh rate in normal settings menu. This runs the CPU at 70%.


In addition I've disabled background apps that I don't need and used Bixby routines to keep the phone on 2g and mobile data off when I'm connected to WiFi. 


So recap, I'm now at 120hz, FHD+ and getting around 6.5 hours screen on time. 


Yes this isn't amazing but for me it's just about enough. Hopefully with a few more tweaks I can get it up to 7hrs. I'm going to try the 96hz app next. 


You are saying that you have disabled almost everything just to increase poor battery life?!

What's the point spending so much on a flagship phone?

This Exynos 990 variant is a shame for a 2020 flagship vs Snapdragon 865.

It's just a mid tier chip underperforming and overheating...

Shame on Samsung for selling 2 different products under the exact same name, really dishonest!


That's good but the phone should not have to be pit this way in order to get the battery life considering the US version don't go this extreme - everyone knows the Exynos is ***** and always will be and we in UK are stuck with this *****.


I can't even get 4hr SOT if lucky !


I totally agree with this - this is supposed to be their flagship and I own bloody thing and the Exynos is absolutely ***** !


No I'm not saying I've  disabled everything. Just the stuff I don't need to be running. 


I agree it's not acceptable for a near £1k phone. Samsung won't even acknowledge the problem. This will probably be the last one I buy from them as its never been simple with their phones. Always issues. (They should hire whoever engineers the batteries at Huawei 😂 ). I've been on to their Twitter help account and they keep sending me round in circles. If Samsung had anything about them they would offer an exchange to a Snapdragon variant or some kind of compensation. Obviously it's not going to happen. 


I'm trying to make the best of a bad situation and actually really like the phone, it's just the battery issues. 


I know not everyone is in a position to return their phones so why not pass on some tips?


This is a fantastic Reddit thread on improving battery life on the S20. Plenty more tips on there. 

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