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Problem VPN IPSec on mobile data (3G & 4G)

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I bought the new Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.

I can connect my VPN IPsec PSK with all WiFi, but it's impossible to connect from mobile data (3G or 4G).


On my old Galaxy S8, i had the same problem since 2 years. I solved it by reboot phone before connect.

But now with the new GS20 this tips doesn't work...


I try with my other phone on huawei : it connect from 4g or 3g without any problem. 


I think it's a bug on software samsung or a policy in knox (i found a reply from kasperksy about ipsec pb with samsung)... but i do not succed to find policy for knox.


Any one have a solution ? 

Samsung support reply here?


Thanks for any help.

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I have the same problem 

On both wifi and mobile data

My vpn provider told me that i have to wait until next update 

I have galaxy s10+ and since last update (10 days ago) i got this problem!



Thx for feedback, but my vpn works on all kind of WiFi. I can't connect vpn ipsec only from mobile data.

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