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Please STOP using Exynos.

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Hi all. I'm a long time galaxy user and I just want to put this out there...Samsung? Unless we can get a UK model with the SD 8?? chipset I will no longer be buying your phones. I'm not happy about paying more and getting less. I could go on and on but I'm sure you're acutely aware of what I'm talking about and I'm willing to bet thousands of others agree also.


I'm probably going to oneplus 8 for the next 2 years. Samsung pull your fingers out of your collective asses!


Exynos 990 is a trash CPU with a garbage gpu overheating and throttling like crazy!

As a result, sustained performance is shockingly low, with S20 Ultra barely above S9:




Overheating, unoptimized battery backup, frequent lags. Crapynos!!

Couldn't agree more! This needs to stop right now. I'm stuck with s20 ultra with a battery life worse than my 2 year old phone... this is not fair, nor proconsumer nor it is innovative as Samsung stated. Exynos has nothing that is batter in any way than snapdragon. And I to, will say, that I will not buy a single Samsung phone again, until you stop that ridiculous and shameful Anticonsumer behaviour , and either give us a choice , and sell exynos cheaper, or completely erase this of market cause this is just plain and simple lie to your customers!

Completely agree with this. I've seen a petition for Samsung to stop using Exynos chips 😂. Like that ever changes anything. 


Looks like they're changing chips from next year. That doesn't help anyone with s20s I know.

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