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Phone restart notification S20 plus.


Hi guys, every time I turn on my S20 plus I get my notification tone telling me my phone has restarted!! I know this,I've just turned it on!!! Anyone know how to turn this off? This and then it goes to.the SIM manager, but the notification first thing in a morning is doing my head in😂 Any help would be appreciated.



The setting is there ok, but it's greyed out. You might need root to disable the notification. Or someone else might have

a different method.

If you search System UI via :



  • From your home screen swipe down from the top of your screen (were your clock, service provider and battery info are displayed.
  • Open settings (this is the wheel cog icon).
  • click the search icon and type system ui click done or search.
  • when system ui is found click or tap on system ui.
  • scroll down to notifications and click or tap on notifications.
  • Here's where you'll see the greyed out Restart notification option.


Thanks very much, I'd seen the setting but can't turn it off as it's not rooted. I'll just have to put up with it a little longer!! Thanks again, just hope that there can be an easier way do turn it off made available soon!! 👍

I solved this on my s20+. Swipe open and hold the notification down when it appears (you need to be quick!), then touch on the relevant notification toggle line that comes up, to open it, and switch it to no alert.

Thanks I've tried this and it sends me to the app notifications and everything is off, still the notification sound!! Driving me mad 😂
Don't be fooled. You have to touch the individual lines of notifications (even though their toggle is greyed out) and you'll find that it opens another screen for that notification and from there you can turn it off or silence it.
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